July 12

Summertime.....and the stitching is easy

Hi to all of you readers and stitchers, welcome to our bi-monthly newsletter. I hope this edition finds you well and hopefully enjoying some early summer sunshine. Do you find you stitch more or less during the summer? Opinions are divided on that topic, many stitchers are distracted by the garden when the weather improves, whereas others love to sit out and stitch. I've bought a new garden umbrella to sit under so that I can stitch outside, but it has rained every day I've thought about going outside so it's still sitting waiting in the conservatory....perhaps I should just sit under it in there......Anyway, however you choose to stitch in the summer, make the most of the long evenings when you can see your chart for longer before having to put on the light!

This time I'm going to show you a few of our best selling motorbike designs, as bikes are always popular in the sunshine and some stitchers will be reminising about their younger days when they stormed around the countryside on their Norton or Triumph. Others, of course, are still storming about now on their Yamaha, Suzuki or Harley Davidson. So if you fall into either of those groups, or you know someone that would love to see their bike immortalised in stitch, read on.
Triumph Rocket III motorbike Cross Stitch Kit
Triumph Rocket III

Useful information on our website

I know that all of you have visited our website at some point to order one of our kits or charts - thanks very much! But did you also know that the website is a mine of information for stitchers?

In addition to our 500+ designs, we have a collection of informative articles about stitching, ranging from 'How to read a counted cross stitch chart', 'A guide to framing cross stitch' and 'What to do with those unfinished designs', all the way through to 'Cross stitch for men' and 'Stitching for Charity'. Each article will help you with a different common problem or query that we've been asked by e-mail or at shows, over the years that we've been in business.

You'll find all of these articles under 'Useful Stuff' on our website, where you'll also find our Customers Gallery (just waiting for your picture too, send to sarah@stitchtastic.com ), plus our DMC colour chart and conversion charts from DMC to Anchor and vice versa.

Recently, I've been learning about Google and how it knows which websites we visit and what pages we look at while we're there. It's very clever stuff and I discovered that our DMC to Anchor Conversion chart is the most popular page on our website! So why not join the crowd and have a look - you might prove us right and find something useful in the Useful Stuff section!

DMC to Anchor conversion chart 
The most visited page on our website - the DMC to Anchor conversion chart. I know, I was surprised too!

Motorbikes - always popular

Our motorbike designs were some of the first we developed and sold at Stitchtastic. We still sell those early, popular designs, such as the Suzuki Hayabusa, a small, brilliantly easy and yet detailed design, but we have expanded the range massively since then and now stock several hundred motorbike kits and charts.

The most popular motorbike design we sell is the Harley Davidson Ultra Glide. In, fact, it's a regular in our newsletter as it sells so well. It is joined in the best sellers by a number of other Harley Davidson designs, such as the Harley Anniversary Heritage 2003 and the Harley Fat Boy, available in a range of colours.

But please don't think we're a Harley-only company, we have many different motorbike ranges available for you to stitch, from the classic Triumph and Norton ranges through to the superfast Yamahas, Kawasakis, not forgetting the scrambler-type KTMs and the classic American choppers.

But some of our most popular bikes are not really classed as motorbikes at all, but are loved with a passion by those who ride (and stitch!) them. They are scooters and we stock a number of different Lambretta, Vespa, Suzuki and Aprila designs. If you see one of these on our website as a chart and you'd like it as a kit, simply e-mail me at sarah@stitchtastic.com and we can sort that out for you.

I hope that's given you an insight into the range of designs we have for you motorbike fans, and happy riding!

Suzuki Hayabusa Cross Stitch Kit 
Small but perfectly - the Suzuki Hayabusa.

Harley Ultra Glide Cross Stitch Kit 
Our most popular motorbike design, the Harley Ultra Glide

Harley Anniversary Heritage 2003 Cross Stitch Kit 
Another popular Harley - the Anniversary Heritage 2003 model

Harley Fat Boy Cross Stitch Kit 
The Harley Fatboy, available in a range of colours.

Vespa PX 125 Scooter Cross Stitch Kit 
Scooters are always popular, this is our Vespa PX 125 design in gunmetal.

Fabric Sale Extended

Our aida offcuts sale has been very successful since I launched it in the last newsletter, so much so that we're carrying it on for a little longer.

So, if you didn't hear about it last time, here goes. We have quite a lot of offcuts of aida, left over from when we make kits. We're selling these in packs of 5, for just £5.

The pieces range in size, a significant number of them will be aida strips of various widths but measuring at least 8" (20cm) high. You can see by the picture that colours will vary but will come from our stock of sky blue, ice blue, ivory and white. The majority will be 14 count. If you'd like to snap up a bargain, have a look at http://www.stitchtastic.com/product/fabric-offcuts-5-pack.aspx .
Aida Offcuts- 5 pack 
Our aida offcuts pack is a bargain at £5!

Next Time

Our next newsletter will be released at the beginning of September, hopefully in the middle of an indian summer.

See you then!
Next Time

Questions or comments? E-mail me at sarah@stitchtastic.com or call +44 (0) 114 2353958

Until next time

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