Our Price Match Promise

Simply put, if you find a cheaper price elsewhere, then we will match it, just go to the product page you would like to match and there will be a button there to enter the details.

We do have a few exclusions

  • We cannot match on threads, we try to keep these as cheap as we possibly can so we can't go any lower unfortunately.
  • The identified product must be available ‘in stock’ for immediate shipping and be located in the UK with the price displayed in GBP.
  • Not part of a conditional or promotional sale, meaning a sale price with conditions like buying within a limited time period, using a promo code, or being a 'member.'
  • We usually don’t match products on auction or marketplace sites.

On the rare occasion that we have listed a product ourselves on a marketplace at a lower price, then we will also match this (maybe with an additional discount!). Please note that we keep our shipping prices as low as possible (Starting at just £1.50) so you may see items slightly cheaper on some websites, but beware of the high shipping costs!

To benefit from our Price Match Promise you must make a claim at the time of purchase only, this will not be applied retrospectively.