September 10

Summer Special Offer—Hurry, Ends Soon!

If you're preparing for Autumn now, you might have been protecting the tomatoes from blight (if anyone knows how to do this, please let me know!), covering the garden furniture and getting the cat in a bit earlier, because the nights are definitely getting chillier already.

Don't overlook the most important Autumn preparation—your next stitching project! If you're organised enough to be preparing for Christmas already, why not stitch a fun design as a present for a niece or nephew or a grandchild? Or perhaps your brother, sister, son or daughter would love to have a stitched version of their first car? Or maybe you'd like to forget about presents for other people and stitch for yourself for once.

Whatever you choose to stitch next, you can still take advantage of our fantastic summer offer. Buy 2 charts or kits (excluding minitastics) from Stitchtastic and receive a chart worth £10.95 absolutely free! Even if you're not in the UK (and probably not so obsessed with the weather!) you can receive our special offer. Just click on the offer on the front page of our website to add it to your basket then get shopping!

Buy 2 charts or Kits and get a chart free 
Buy 2, get a chart free!


As we head towards October, I start to think about the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace, 7th—10th October. It's always a great show, in a huge, beautiful venue. It seems like 5 minutes since we were last loading all of our stock into the car (packing the car is a feat of engineering—not an inch of space is wasted!) and displaying our 500+ designs in all their glory.

However, that's not all we sell. Many people are not aware that we stock a large range of accessories too. It's easy to show these at a retail show, a bit more difficult on a website so please indulge me! All of these accessories are available on our website and are easy to receive, they'll fit through your letterbox so no need to wait in for a parcel!
One of our most popular accessories, and something I couldn't stitch without, is our range of hoops. From a small 15cm hoop all the way up to a roomy 25cm, hoops are simple and easy to use. They range in price from £1.70 to £2.20.

Another of our most popular accessories has to be our range of card and plastic bobbins. Which to use is an individual preference. I use card, reuse them 4 or 5 times then recycle them. For those plastic fans, who can reuse them for longer, the price is ever so slightly higher. Have a look on the website for more details.

Also in stock, you'll find thimbles, needles and 5 different types of needle threaders, fabric marker pens that can magically vanish (or, if you prefer, there's a wipe off one). The picture shows our bulk pack of needles (available in 50s or 100s), but we also stock small packs of 6 needles.

Oh, and don't forget our range of acrylic coasters, keyrings and fridge magnets plus thread cards and aperture cards.

Finally, to put all these wonderful bits in, we stock 4 different sizes of organiser boxes. So, next time you need some stitchy bits and pieces, don't wait for a show or visit an expensive store, have a look at, delivery usually only takes a couple of days and we're pretty sure you'll find a bargain!

Embroidery Hoops of all sizes 
Hoops, in a range of sizes

Cardboard and Plastic Bobbins 
Bobbins, another staple for me as a stitcher

Needlework Accessories 
Accessories galore!

Various Thread Organiser Boxes 
Now get organized...

Facebook Featured Stitchers

This month, we're featuring Pam, who got in touch on facebook after I appealed for stitchers who would like to display their stitching.

Pam stitched the Kawasaki ZXR6, as you can see from this fantastic picture. What impressed me the most was her speedy stitching. This took Pam 3 weeks to stitch, which I am very impressed with!

You can't really see the size of the stitching here, but I can tell you that this is not a small design so Pam's stitching rate is even more impressive than you might first think!
Pam taught herself how to stitch and has spoilt her male relatives with the results. This bike was stitched for her stepson who loves motorbikes, but she's also stitched for her Dad too. I hope all these men are grateful for all your hard work Pam!

Pam says she found this to be a great design to stitch, so I'm delighted to give her the opportunity to show it off to all of you. If you'd like to show off your designs, please contact me at and I'll show off your work next! Alternatively, have a look at our facebook page,

Kawasaki ZXR6 Ninja Motorcycle Cross Stitch Kit 
Pam's stitched Kawasaki ZXR6—brilliant.

Facebook update

Our number of followers on facebook is steadily rising. If you'd like to join us, have a look at . Come and click 'Like' to become a Fan, and keep up with all our stitching antics! You can put your own pictures of our designs that you've stitched up on the page, or just admire the wonderful work of our brilliant stitchers.

Stitchtastic Facebook page

Next Month

October's newsletter will feature some of our more unusual designs, and hopefully some more stitchers!
See you soon.

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