December 10

I'll mention it just once.....

I did promise not to mention Christmas last month, didn't I? Well, I promise I will just mention it the once, in this paragraph only, so skip onto the next one if the spirit of Scrooge is upon you at the moment! I hope you're all sorted for the big day (or weekend this year, isn't it?), whether you're having a quiet one or looking after the whole family. Just make sure you give yourself some stitching time. No more Christmas cards or banners to stitch, just your own stitching for you. Enjoy, and happy new year. Harley Bike Keyring Kit 
The Harley Bike Keyring Kit is a great last minute present, or just a fun stitch for you!

Crazy Designs

Many of our customers love to stitch their own car or bike. If that's what you've done, good for you. Others stitch for a relative - Dad's old Norton bike, or Mum's first mini, maybe Grandad's old Fiat (perhaps the 1915 Fiat is pushing it a bit!) However, many of our stitchers want to fulfil our tagline - 'Fancy stitching something a bit different?' and choose a tank or a plane. I've got 4 unusual designs to show you this month, that might just appeal to you or one of your stitching recipients - lucky things!
Firstly, if your son, granddaughter or nephew (avoiding gender stereotyping!) would like to go quad biking, why not give them the next best thing with a stitched quad bike? Measuring 14.3" by 9.6", this design uses 19 DMC colours and is a vision in yellow.
If Grandad or Auntie's birthday is coming up and they're a keen golfer, why not stitch them their very own golf cart? This design uses 28 DMC colours and measures 14.3" by 10.4". It even contains an encouraging 'Hole in One' message for extra moral support!
Have you got a ship fan in the family? The why not commemorate the greatest ocean liner of modern times and stitch them the QE2? Measuring 14.3" by 9.6", this design uses 20 DMC colours and costs £27.95 for the kit.
Finally, a design that I originally did on request but which has proved very popular - the Tesco fuel tanker! Screeching to a halt, this design uses only 11 DMC colours and measures 13.9" by 8.7". There's no better present if your husband / daughter / son drives one, or even if they don't, it would be a great surprise!
All of these designs go down particularly well with kids, so visit for more info and gift ideas.
Quad Bike 
Dangerous to ride, not so dangerous to stitch!

Hole in One Golf Cart 
The inspiration for many holes in one?

A fun take on the QE2.

Tesco Fuel Tanker 
A surprisingly popular design!

Stitchtastic Stitchers

This month, we have a repeat stitcher! Pam has already appeared in our newsletter in September, and she's here again! Hot on the heels of the Kawasaki ZXR6 which we featured last time, Pam has just completed our caricature Land Rover Series II. Pam says this design took her 4 weeks to complete and has really impressed her husband, who is a 4 x 4 enthusiast.
Well done indeed Pam, I can't wait to see what you come up with next!
Pam's stitchted Land Rover Series II 
Another fantastic stitched piece from Pam - the Land Rover Series II.

Facebook update

Did you know that Facebook usage is at its peak 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday? So who is on Facebook at work, come on, admit it? If you are, the best place to be is on our Stitchtastic facebook page, Come and 'Like' us, make a comment or simply browse through some of the lovely photos of stitched designs our brilliant stitchers have published. Our Stitchtastic Facebook Page 
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Next Month

TV & Film designs will be our focus next month, so if you're a fan of iconic 80s TV, cool brit-flicks or Scooby Doo, don't miss it! We'll also have some great stitched work again.
See you then!
Next Month - TV and Film 
Just a couple of our many TV and Film designs, featured next month.

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Until next time

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