July 10

Football or Stitching?

It's easy to find something to write about during big sports tournaments, as there will always be people who don't watch to join in with the hype and would rather stitch instead.

But we don't want to lose sight of those who enjoy stitching AND watching the World Cup, but one tip - don't stitch a complicated section during the exciting bits! You'll definitely go wrong, count your stitches wrongly or use the wrong thread. Find a nice easy block of just one colour and stitch away, it does relieve the tension!

I'm not a huge football fan, I can take it or leave it, but I must admit I like a bit of Formula 1 motor racing and I always stitch a nice bit of motorbike tyre or something equally straight forward in the last few laps of a race! And thanks to the recent motor racing, I had time to finish my Spitfire! Here the picture I promised last time, just in time for our aircraft special. It was a brilliant stitch, with some lovely straightforward bits in the clouds.

The Spitfire kit costs £27.95, dimensions are 14.3" by 10", or 36.3cm by 25.4cm (when stitched on 14 count aida) and it uses 16 DMC colours.

Spitfire Aeroplane Cross Stitch Kit 
My completed Spitfire, I love it!.

Head in the clouds

As promised, this month I want to showcase our aircraft designs. As always, we want you to ‘stitch something a bit different' and so our aircraft designs are definitely that! They're all caricatures, all cost £27.95 for the kit and are bright, colourful and certainly stand out from the crowd!

First is of a similar era to the Spitfire, the Lancaster Bomber. It's a similar size to the Spitfire too, measuring 14.3" by 10.1" (or 36.3cm by 25.6cm) and uses 17 DMC colours. The 2 designs stitched together would really stand out.

Next, 2 much more modern planes, a Harrier Jump Jet and Tornado.

The Harrier kit uses 15 colours to give that brilliant camouflage effect. It measures 14.3" by 7.8" (36.3cm by 19.8cm) so is a little less tall than the previous ones.

The Tornado is a fantastically bright design, with a slightly different colour scheme. The kit uses 17 DMC colours. Measuring 14.3" by 10" (36.3cm by 25.4cm), you can see that all of these designs would work together in a triptych, or whatever you would call a triptych with 2 or 4 pictures instead!

Finally, we have 2 entirely different designs, different because they show the sort of aircraft we might have travelled on (if we were very lucky!) in the recent past. Concorde is a lovely design. It adheres to the BA—type design and really shows off the beautiful shape of that sadly missed plane. The design measures 14" by 8.1", 35.6cm by 20.7cm.
And then a very different looking plane which has proved to be very popular, the Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet, in Virgin's colours. Using only 11 DMC colours, it is again a similar size, at 13.2" by 10.1" (33.6cm by 25.6cm.

Lancaster Bomber Cross Stitch Kit 
Lancaster Bomber

Harrier Jump Jet Cross Stitch Kit 
Harrier Jump Jet

Tornado Aeroplane Cross Stitch Kit 

British Airways Concorde Cross Stitch Kit 
Beautiful Concorde

Virgin Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet Cross Stitch Kit 
Virgin Jumbo Jet

Aircraft Type 2

So we've covered aeroplanes, what about helicopters? First devised by Leonardi DaVinci, but not actually built for a few more hundred years, you can now create your own in stitched form from our 3 designs.

Firstly, a helicopter made famous by a fabulously cheesy 80s TV show—Airwolf. Regardless of whether you remember the show, it's a lovely stitch with quite a few blocky bits for those who like to stitch without too much fiddling (maybe whilst watching that football again!). The kit costs £27.95, uses 14 DMC colours and measures 14.3" by 10.1" (36.3cm by 25.6cm).

Next, a helicopter in the same vein as the aircraft above, the Longbow. Priced at £33.95, this design uses more colours than the others (23 DMC colours) and measures 14.1" by 9" (35.7cm by 22.9cm).

Finally, a tribute to those wonderful men and women who risk their lives saving others, we have our rescue helicopter design, at £27.95. It uses 15 DMC colours and measures 14.3cm by 10.1cm (36.3cm by 25.8cm).

3 very different designs, but as you can see here they do go well either together or as an individual piece of artwork.

Air Wolf Helicopter Cross Stitch Kit 
Airwolf helicopter

Longbow Helicopter Cross Stitch Kit 
Longbow helicopter

Rescue Helicopter Cross Stitch Kit 
Rescue helicopter

Facebook update

You can now find us more easily on Facebook, using our own URL, www.facebook.com/Stitchtastic . Come and click ‘Like' to become a Fan, and keep up with all our stitching antics! You can put your own pictures of our designs that you've stitched up on the page, or just admire the wonderful work of our brilliant stitchers.

Our Facebook page

Next Month

Next month, we've got another stitcher to feature, plus some new & classic Land Rover & Range Rover designs.

Enjoy the what's left of the football!

Land Rover Series II Caricature Cross Stitch Kit

Questions or comments? E-mail me at sarah@stitchtastic.com or call +44 (0) 114 2353958

Until next time

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