January 11

Happy New Year!

I hope you've all had a wonderful festive season. Now's the time to take down all those decorations of course, so if your walls are looking a bit bare, why not invest in a new design to stitch to brighten them up? This month we're featuring some of our most popular TV and Film designs such as the wonderful Scooby Doo Mystery Machine pictured here, so find your favourite and get stitching! For those readers who have been well and truly snowed in during December (UK and East Coast US readers, this definitely includes you!), let's hope it doesn't happen again. However, if it does, stitching is definitely the way to fill a boring day stuck in the house! Mystery Machine Cross Stitch 
The Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo, one of our most popular TV designs.

There's nothing on......

Here at Stitchtastic we love a good TV or Film icon. But why does it have to be an actor? We all know they're overpaid and suffer from terribly inflated egos, so why don't we start worshipping their vehicles instead? This already happens with a couple of our most popular TV designs. First of all, the Reliant Regal from Only Fools and Horses. Delboy would love this caricature of his van and so will you, as it is a striking design containing quite a few blocks so is a nice easy stitch.

A US icon next, with the A Team Van. Probably more popular than the A Team themselves and determinedly protected by BA Baracas, it makes for a fun stitch and is quite detailed, using 24 DMC colours.

But what about films? A favourite from the sixties immortalised in stitches is our Italian Job Mini design. But wait! Not only do we have the old style minis, but also the new ones! Both cost £27.95 for a kit.

Over Christmas, I watched the film 'Cars'. What a great film! The stitching is fantastic for younger fans, it's one of our only designs that is stitched over the entire design, no patches of aida are left for background so it looks very effective. Using 19 DMC colours, the design is one of our most striking.

Our TV and Film range includes more than 15 popular vehicles, so visit http://www.stitchtastic.com/catalog/caricature-tv-film.aspx to see them all.
Reliant Regal Cross Stitch Kit 
Delboy's Reliant Regal from Only Fools and Horses

A Team Van Cross Stitch Kit 
Don't Touch the Van, but you can stitch it!

Old and New Style Italian Job Cross Stitch Kits 
Which do you prefer, the original or the bright, shiny new one?

Cars Cross Stitch Kit 
A great film and a striking design to stitch

Stitchtastic Stitchers

This month's featured stitcher is Moyra from Wales. She's a prolific stitcher and has sent us 2 completed Stitchtastic designs. First of all, our Vespa Scooter design which looks amazing, so much detail on the wheels and seat in particular. She's also stitched our Harley Electra Glide caricature in blue. Moyra says she can't wait to do more of our designs - that's fine with us Moyra, particularly if you keep sending in these lovely pictures!

If you'd like to be our featured stitcher, send in your photos and a little bit of information on you to sarah@stitchtastic.com, or post on our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/Stitchtastic.
Photo of stitched Vespa design 
Moyra's lovely Vespa cross stitch

Photo of stitched Electra Glide design 
Moyra's great Harley Electra Glide stitch

Advance notice - stitching shows coming up!

It's getting towards stitching show season again. Once the gloom of January and February are over, we can emerge from hibernation and show off our designs to the world again, at Stitch & Craft 2011 at Olympia, London 17 - 20th March and Sewing for Pleasure at the NEC in Birmingham, 24th - 27th March. Apologies to our non-UK readers, at the moment it's not practical for us to exhibit outside of the UK but why not have a trip over for a show, and see some of the sights whilst you're over?

Photo of Stitchtastic show stand

Looking forward to seeing you all at a stitching show soon!

Next Month

We're going to look at our range of Lorry and Van designs next month (apologies to our international readers, lorries are just trucks!) As usual, we'll be looking for more stitchers to feature so please send in your pictures.

See you then!
Next Month will feature Lorries and Vans

Questions or comments? E-mail me at sarah@stitchtastic.com or call +44 (0) 114 2353958

Until next time

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