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Good grief - it's July! I'm sorry, I know I put a ban on talking about how quickly the year is going, but I couldn't help it - how is it already July? Anyway, in the UK we've had a little bit of sunshine, I hope those of you around the world have had some nice weather - even those of you down under where your winter is usually better than our summer!

Now, my theme this time is a little bit biased towards those of us in tne northern hemisphere, as it is about holidays. Although there's nothing wrong with a winter holiday, eh? So wherever you are, please take 10 minutes out to image you're sitting on the beach / at the ski resort / just having a rest, and stitching as much as you possibly can! This time, I'll show you some holiday themed designs, plus I'll suggest some kits to take in your suitcase. Enjoy!
British Airways Concorde Cross Stitch Kit

We're all going on a summer holiday.....

So, off we go on our virtual stitched holiday. Let's start with the journey. Now perhaps you enjoy a bit of flying......Jumbo jet anyone? Our Virgin Jumbo 747 design is a dead easy stitch, but comes out looking brilliant! It contains a lot of white, which is why we stitch it on blue aida. It uses 11 DMC colours and the finished article measures 13" by 10" (33cm by 25cm) so it's a good size for you plane fanatics. It's certainly an action shot, so don't forget to include all the smoke as it zooms off the runway.

Now, if you were loaded, and living in the 1970s, you would have taken a different plane altogether - Concorde. Nowadays sadly missed, Concorde must have been an amazing way to travel - all Champagne and caviar, and we're able to bring it back to like with our British Airways Concorde design. Measuring 14" by 8" (35cm by 20cm), the design uses 13 DMC colours and is instantly recognisable. For dramatic effect, you'll notice the slightly enlarged engines - making the design particularly unique!

So, you're not a aeroplane fan. You prefer something a little more sedate. How about the beautiful QE2? Also able to trasport you great distances, she did so in style and with class. Our design shows her ploughing through the waves at the height of her popularity and would make a great tribute present for a fan. Now that she's not used as a cruise liner any more, she's permanently docked in Dubai, so the chances of most of us seeing her are very small! So create your own version, measuring 14" by 9" (36cm by 24cm) and using 20 DMC colours.

Or perhaps your journey might be a little shorter and involve the favourite of little boys everywhere - the train! We have 2 train designs, our Virgin Intercity and the Flying Scotsman. The Intercity measures 14" by 7" (35cm by 17cm) and the Scotsman 14" by 9" (36cm by 23cm). Both put you right in the action and you can feel the trains rushing by with every stitch!

The dream of many is to travel to the USA (well, those of us in the UK travel TO the USA, some of you are already there!) and cruise around the highways on a Harley Davidson. Our two most popular Harleys are the Anniversary Heritage 2003 and the Ultra Glide Anniversary. Both kits cost £29.95, which is significantly cheaper than the real thing! They both measure 15" by 9" but the Ultra Glide comes with 16 count aida instead of 14 for that extra level of detail.

Or maybe you'd prefer to cruise in another American classic - the Pink Cadillac! We featured this beauty in the last newsletter but I couldn't resist showing her off again. She measures 14" by 5" (35cm by 12cm) and is a very vibrant pink colour, using 13 DMC colours. She's quite a simple stitch, but vertainly looks very striking when complete.

Finally, I know a lot of you like to golf (of maybe you stitch while your other half is golfing!), so my last holiday tribute design is for all of you on a golfing holiday. Our Hole in One Golf Cart design has been one of our most popular of recent times and is a brilliant, colourful kit. It uses 28 DMC colours and measures 14" by 10" (36cm by 26cm), so it's fairly sizeable, but does look completely amazing when complete. Why not give it a go?

You can find all the details of these kits at www.stitchtastic.com, or click on any of the pictures in this newsletter.

Virgin Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet Cross Stitch Kit 
We're all going.....

British Airways Concorde Cross Stitch Kit
....on a summer holiday.....

QE2 Cruise Ship Cross Stitch Kit 
....no more working......

Virgin Intercity Train Cross Stitch Kit 
...for a week for two.....

Flying Scotsman Train Cross Stitch Kit 
....fun and laughter.....

Harley Anniversary Heritage 2003 Cross Stitch Kit 
....on our summer holiday.....

Harley Davidson Ultra Glide Anniversary Edition Cross Stitch Kit 
...no more worries.....

Pink Cadillac Cross Stitch Kit 
....for me and you.....

Hole In One Golfing cross stitch kit 
...for a week for two!

Travelling Stitches

Right, so you have decided where you are going for your holiday, and how you're getting there, now it just remains for you to find something to stitch while you're away!

First of all, I've picked a couple of smaller stitches that you can easily fit in your hand luggage and complete during the week or fortnight. The first one is designed by Patrick Scott, part of our Designers By Stitchtastic collection. It is a very simple stitch, perfect for beginners or those who want to stitch whilst chilling out at the beach or by the pool. It's our Personalised Number Plate design.

This design is very simple and looks incredibly effective. It's probably worth planning out who you're going to stitch it for before you go away and planning the name from the 2 different sizes of alphabet provided. Then off you go! The finished article measures 10" by 2" (27cm by 6cm) but this does depend on the name you choose to stitch, you could make it shorter or longer depending on whether it's for Sebastian or Jo! The kit uses 4 DMC colours and only costs £9.95, so it's a bargain holiday activity.

Sticking with the smaller designs, Patrick has also designed the wonderful 'Shop Til You Drop' barcode design. This is also £9.95 for the kit and measures 12" by 3" (32cm by 7cm). It just uses one DMC colour - black - but don't be fooled, it's still a fun, slightly challenging stitch. Why not give it a go!

If you're going on a longer holiday, or perhaps you're a really fast stitcher, and would like to try something a bit bigger, then perhaps you might consider trying one of our other designers, Kate Mawdsley. Kate designs for many high street stores and we have a range or her cute pet designs. you could go for one of the Harry and Friends range, or perhaps (and I hardly dare mention this word) start preparing for Christmas early and try one of her Christmas range. 'Harry & Friends Brown Dog', for example, measures 7" (18cm) square and uses 18 DMC colours. 'Grey Christmas Cat' is a lovely snowy pic and uses 17 DMC colours, measuring 8" by 7" (21cm by 18cm).

Whatever you choose to stitch, I hope you have a wonderful summer (winter for the Antipodies) and enjoy every minute of whatever you're stitching.

GB Number Plate Cross Stitch Kit 
A lovely easy holiday stitch.

Shop Till You Drop Barcode Cross Stitch Kit 
Holiday Shopping!

Harry & Friends Brown Dog Cross Stitch Kit 
Cute holiday stitching

Grey Christmas Cat Cross Stitch Kit 
Christmas - sorry!

NNext Time

I haven't quite decided what to feature in our next next newsletter, it may even be the very start of our Christmas stitching - yikes!

See you then!
Next Time

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