January 10

Happy New Year

I wonder if everyone had this thought when they were younger. Did you work out how old you would be at the millennium? I can’t believe that is now ten years ago. So if we felt as if we would be old at the millennium, how old does that make us now!

Only kidding, it’s always refreshing to start a new year and a new decade is even more exciting. We should make extra special new year’s resolutions this year, and mine is to make as much time to stitch as possible. It will help with my new year’s diet too. Every time I feel like a snack (which is definitely my downfall), I’m going to pick up my stitching instead. If I’m already stitching and feel like a snack, I’ll have to stitch extra fast to take my mind of the foody urge!

I’m trying to stitch our 3 new vintage Fiat caricature designs in time for their official launch at the stitching trade show at the NEC in Birmingham in February. I’ve just finished one (last night, actually, hurrah) and you can see it here. As usual, I’ve not even had time to iron it yet but I know you’re all used to seeing my unironed designs.

You’ll be able to see the 3 new Fiat designs at Olympia in March, more on that show later.

Fiat Circ 1925 Cross Stitch Kit 

Fiat 1925 and yes, I do own an iron, I’ve just not had time yet!

Winter Camping

Far and away the most popular range of designs we stock is our VW Camper Van range. One of the first designs we sold was a VW camper van, you can see it here. It is still popular now and comes in a range of colours. We also have a slightly more complicated version which has probably overtaken the original now in terms of popularity, you can see it here in sand but it also comes in a large range of colours.

The Split Screen Camper is also always in demand, we have 2 very different designs featuring this model. The smaller designs, shown here in pink, is a really easy beginner stitch and, surprisingly, comes in a number of colours as well. It’s quite a small design and we’ve displayed it in a clock at shows before now, which has gone down very well.

Finally for the camper van, we have Splitty. Splitty comes in blue, green and orange and is a perennial favourite. All 4 camper vans are available as kits or charts , have a look at our website for colour options.

Volkswagen Camper Van Bay Window Cross Stitch Kit 
The original and still the best - VW Bay Window Camper Van Kit

Volkswagen Camper Van Bay Window (detailed) Cross Stitch Kit 
Same van, a bit more detailed

Volkswagen Camper Van Split Screen Cross Stitch Kit 
Small, but perfectly formed - the Split Screen Camper Van

VW Camper Van Split Screen 'Splitty' Caricature Cross Stitch Kit 

VW Madness

We don’t only sell Camper Van designs for VW nuts, we have a large range of Beetle kits too.

Herbie is always an eye catching design and we have a caricature and a non caricature version for you to choose from. We also stock standard Beetle designs, old and new styles plus more caricatures. Crikey, I can’t keep up! We don’t forget about our other VW fans either, with a VW Golf and  VW Corrada to choose from. It’s VW heaven!

Volkswagen Beetle Cross Stitch Kit 
VW Beetle - available in yet another range of colours

Herbie VW Beetle Cariacture Cross Stitch Kit 
Caricature Herbie

Next Month

February is always a busy month here at Stitchtastic. Everyone seems to want to stitch something new and we’ll have a special feature - “What should I cross stitch?”, helping you to choose the right design for the right recipient (and they’d better be grateful!)

See you next month.

Red Rose Flower Cross Stitch Kit 

Harley Fat Boy 2003 Anniversay Model Cross Stitch Kit (Large) 

Daschund Dog Caricatue Cross Stitch Kit 

Questions or comments? E-mail me at sarah@stitchtastic.com or call +44 (0) 114 3830333

Until next time

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