What should I Cross Stitch?

Choosing a Cross Stitch Subject

Cross stitching is an enjoyable, satisfying hobby and you don't need to be a first class seamstress to create a first rate picture, however, if you decide to purchase a cross stitch kit you do need to follow the instructions provided. Each kit is likely to contain a colour picture as well as a black and white chart, both of which are clearly printed. Many kits will also include a tapestry needle and sufficient thread.

It is now possible to cross stitch pictures of not only flowers and animals but practically any form of transport you can think of. Ranges of cross stitch now consist of cars of many makes and models, motor bikes, tractors, trains, ships, lorries, military vehicles and even Formula One Cars. What a super present for an avid Formula One fan - a cross stitched picture of their favourite driver's car. However, as the pictures become more complex, the need to accurately distinguish between colour tones and to purchase the correct thread becomes ever more important.

The first question to ask yourself is, who am I stitching for? Is this piece going to be a present? Is it for a family expecting a new baby? Is it for your nephew's 7th birthday? Is it to remind your 40 year old son of his first car - that Ford Capri that he loved so much? Is it a caricature picture of a goldfish to remind your husband of the first pet you had together? Or have you just decorated that spare bedroom and really need a beautiful flower picture to set off your colour scheme?

Next, think about your timescale. Sometimes, a design can be simple and quick, to put in a birthday card or a coaster. Other designs can be a great deal larger and take much longer but they're often far more satisfying! Make sure you have left yourself enough time to complete your chosen design. Everyone has a story of a rushed piece of cross stitch. Mine involved a friend's baby arriving 6 weeks early, with a frantic next month of stitching!

Once you have completed your masterpiece, big or small, Stitchtastic will offer free delivery on your next order as an incentive to display your cross stitch here on our site. Take a photo of your work and e-mail it to us, along with your details. E-mail is best, but snail mail is fine too!