March 10

Is it Spring yet?

I know last month I really went on about the snow, but it's still here! Well, it went and then it came back, so lots of people are still not venturing outside and hopefully, keeping themselves busy with some stitching!

We got caught out travelling to the Craft, Hobby and Stitch Trade only show in Birmingham a week or so ago, let's hope that's the last snow we'll see for a while. To our American friends, who've had it far worse than us - sorry. We'll get over it soon.

Only a few weeks left now until the Stitch and Craft show at Olympia in London, 18th - 21st March. I hope we'll see you there, it's a brilliant show with lots of exciting crafting companies exhibiting. It's probably the best show of the year for stitchers, although Alexandra Palace in October comes a very close second.

2 designs just finished - the Fiat Vintage Car from 1915 and the Lambretta Scooter, both of which look fabulous. I'm trying to get a third vintage car finished before Olympia but it's not looking likely, if you see me there it will be a work in progress!

Lambretta Scooter Cross Stitch Kit 
Just stitched, the Lambretta Scooter and the 1915 Fiat

Fiat Circ 1915 Cross Stitch Kit

Smaller Designs

Isn't it great when you finish a design? Those last few days when you're marking off the final bits of stitching on your chart, staying up late and wondering if you'll get it done tonight, then planning where to display it, or how the recipient will react when you give it to them.

Well, if you stitch some of our smaller designs, you'll have this feeling far more often! Smaller designs are fantastic for newer and more experienced stitchers alike and are much less likely to become UFOs (unfinished objects)!

But where should you put your smaller designs? You can't really put them on the wall, unless you leave a pair of binoculars nearby to look at them with.

Here at Stitchtastic, we offer a range of smaller designs with presentation options already provided, in the some of keyrings, coasters and cards. Later, I'll talk about some more of our acrylic range, but for now have a look at our minitastics range.

Minitastics come as either a luggage tag keyring, a coaster or a card. They are available in a range of designs and the VW camper design is also available in a wide range of colours. Both the green British bike design and the Blue Harley Bike design are very detailed and colourful.

Our musical instrument range has also proved to be very popular, comprising of a flute, keyboard, guitar, violin, trumpet and saxophone. All 6 are available as a pack if you happen to stitch for a band!
So why not try stitching a couple of minitastics for a break from a bigger design, or perhaps help a friend to start out stitching by giving them one for their birthday. Then why not move on to a slightly bigger design such as our Harley Davidson Sportster stitch, shown above.

Harley Bike Square Coaster Kit 
Harley Bike square coaster

Harley Davidson Sportster Cross Stitch Kit 
A bit bigger than our Minitastics but this Harley Sportster is a real easy stitch that produces a fabulous looking result, measuring just 7.1” by 4.1”   

Volkswagen Split Screen Camper Van Keyring Kit 
VW Camper van, available in lots of colours   

British Bike Round Coaster Kit 
British Bike round coaster   

Guitar Keyring Kit Keyboard Keyring Kit 
A couple of our musical instrument keyrings


We sell a wide range of acrylic without the stitching to go with, for crafters to use for stitching or any other craft pastime.

Our blank acrylic coasters are very popular and are the most competitively priced we've found. Let us know if you can find them cheaper at such good quality! They come in round and square types and have plenty of space inside for your stitching and backing card if you like to use it.

You might also like our luggage tags and rulers in acrylic too. Again, they have plenty of space inside to fit our stitching and could also be a great way to display the family's artwork.

The smallest acrylic we stock is a smaller keyring, perfect for your everyday keys - you'll never lose them again! See all of our acrylic at If you use a lot of acrylic, look out for our bulk buy packs and bag yourself a bargain!




Next Month

A look back at 2009's best sellers next month - can you guess what was number one?

(Clue, it's not either of these pictures, though they were pretty high on the countdown!)

Volkswagen Camper Van Bay Window Cross Stitch Kit 

Scuba Diving Goldfish Caricature Cross Stitch Kit

Questions or comments? E-mail me at or call +44 (0) 114 3830333

Until next time

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