Aida & counts - Video

This video is all about one type of fabric – Aida. Most stitchers (and certainly all new stitchers) choose aida for their stitching, as it’s easy to handle and for most people the holes are large enough to see comfortably.

Sarah shows a number of different fabrics in this video, and all have a number – their count. She shows the same completed design on a variety of different aidas – here’s a summary:

6 count aida – also called binca – has 6 holes per inch

8 count aida – has 8 holes per inch

11 count aida – has 11 holes per inch

14 count aida – has 14 holes per inch

16 count aida – has 16 holes per inch

18 count aida – has 18 holes per inch

20 count aida – has 20 holes per inch

22 count aida –also called hardanger - has 22 holes per inch

You can watch as the butterfly design get smaller and more detailed as the count number gets larger and the holes get smaller and closer together.

If you’d like to find out more, have a look at our youtube channel, where Sarah has videos showing lots of different aspects of stitching, and the other videos on this blog, covering topics such as what you’ll find in a cross stitch kit and the different types of fabric cross stitchers use.