How to start cross stitching - Video

In this video, Sarah talks about how to start cross stitching, what equipment you will need, and how to use it. She also explains some of the terms you might hear such as ‘stranded cotton’ and ‘binca’.

Sarah also demonstrates threading a needle using a needle threader and the loop method, and she shows you how to your very first cross stitch, and how to secure it.

Its sometimes hard to see cross stitch fabric on screen close up, as the holes can be quite small, so Sarah has a piece of binca (a type of fabric with larger holes), so she can give a really close up view of those first few cross stitches.

Finally, Sarah shows you how to finish off a group of stitches by sewing them off at the back. That’s all the basics covered!

If you’d like to find out more, have a look at our youtube channel, where Sarah has videos showing lots of different aspects of stitching, and the other videos on this blog, covering topics such as what you’ll find in a cross stitch kit and the different types of fabric cross stitchers use.