Cross Stitch for Men

Yes, there really are men who enjoy cross stitching, admittedly they are much fewer in number than lady cross stitchers but they do exist.

Many of the designs we cross stitch fans undertake are designed by the male sex. Most men involved with cross stitching treat it as a form of art, not particularly sewing, however, men are as capable as ladies at producing a wonderful piece of cross stitch. Some men choose to look at a piece of cross stitch work as a form of "engineering", as a keen eye, the ability to follow a chart correctly and being able to frame the completed work are talents required by a successful cross stitcher irrespective of their sex. Not only do both men and women find the art of cross stitching very relaxing and enjoyable but they have both discovered after a hectic day or night at work, cross stitching is a wonderful aid in de-stressing oneself.

What brings a man to cross stitch? There are several reasons why men become hooked. Many of today's most successful fashion designers are extremely capable with a needle and thread, cross stitching emblems of their own design onto jacket pockets, etc. As a young boy they might have watched their mother or grandmother create many brilliant cross stitch pieces ranging fromcolourful flower pictures or cushion covers to their favourite cross stitched teddy bear picture that hung in their bedroom and as they got a bit older their interest was grabbed and they, too, became a keen cross stitcher.

Some men marry ladies who are keen stitchers and, occasionally, if asked to assist their partner realise that they, too, are capable or producing what could become a family heirloom. What a way to encourage one another - his and hers cross stitch sessions!

Several men with tedious jobs which involve lots of time waiting around, for example, night watchmen or evening telephone operators, relieve their boredom by tackling cross stitch. It is so easy to take a reasonably small piece of cross stitch with you everywhere and it is an enjoyable way to pass the time until a particular shift at work is finished and a special sense of achievement when you look at the masterpiece completed at your boss's expense!

Most males look upon any form of embroidery or sewing as a thing their female relatives do, however, there are increasing numbers of men who cross stitch, treating it as a form of producing art. Keen sportsmen will purchase a kit representing their favourite hobby and the choice of cross stitch kits available today is vast. Car fanatics are extremely well catered for in the cross stitch arena - all sorts of famous Formula 1 Cars, military vehicles and well known makes of car can be found. There are also varieties of aircraft as well as ships and numerous types of motorbikes, ranging from historical models to the very swish up to date versions awaiting stitching. The list of masculine subjects available to cross stitch is endless and includes trains, farm vehicles,emergency service vehicles, lorries and vans, construction traffic as well as a large variety of animal designs. What an achievement to show your pals, a complete collection of vintage cars cross stitched and framed by you. This kind of thing is also an everlasting individual work of art which, in time, could become a family treasure being passed from generation to generation.

Gentlemen, what a way to win a lady's heart to present her with a cross stitched present from a key ring to a pin cushion personally made by you. There is something about a gift which has been made specifically for you and, obviously, the thought and effort made in producing your own work will be well and truly appreciated. If you initially decide to use this method to attract the attention of the opposite sex, you will be amazed at how quickly you will become an avid cross stitcher and will soon be purchasing and completing further cross stitch kits.

In this era of equality amongst the sexes, men are becoming more open and honest about the things they enjoy and cross stitching is a fun and relaxing way to spend time, especially if your partner is also interested in cross stitching. There is nothing unusual about a man cross stitching and every encouragement should be given by both family and friends to any future cross stitcher, whether male or female.