May 11

Corsa's finished

Spring Cleaning is done (well, nearly) and I've finally finished my Vauxhall Corsa design. It was a great stitch, although I must admit I'm looking forward to stitching something that's not in grey!

Apologies if the picture looks rather creased, I haven't had time to iron it yet but I promise I will.

Remember, if you'd like to display your stitched versions of our designs, ironed or unironed, feel free to post them on our facebook page,
Completed Stitched Corsa 
My Vauxhall Corsa design, finally finished!

Emergency Stitching

We all owe a debt of gratitude to the emergency services in one way or another, and what better way to say thank you than by stitching them a tribute? We have a wide range of 999 designs (the phone number, not how many we've got!!), whether you'd like to stitch for a friend, a relative or a hard working police, ambulance or fire officer.

Firstly, here's our ambulance design. It's colourful and bright, with plenty of blocky bits for the easy stitching evenings in front of the TV. It uses 19 DMC colours and when stitched on 14 count aida it measures 14.3" by 9.6". The ambulance kit costs £35.95, have a closer look at .

Next, we have several designs for the hard working police force. Police cars are well catered for in our range, with 2 designs to choose from, a Mondeo car and a Volvo. The Mondeo kit costs £29.95 and uses 12 DMC colours, measuring 11.6" by 7". It's a real action design and will impress any high speed police driver!
The second police car is a Volvo and the kit also costs £29.95. It measures 13.4" by 9.5" so is the slightly bigger of the two designs, using 20 DMC colours.

If your police friend or relative is a little more on the daring side, perhaps they'd appreciate our riot Transit van design, which measures 12.9" by 10.4" when stitched on 14 count aida. It uses 14 DMC colours and costs £35.95 for the kit. Remember, all of these designs are also available as charts for £10.95 each.

Our final emergency service designs are for the (supposedly) hunkiest of all, the firemen (perhaps you know differently!). OK, that's a terrible cliche and there are fire officers from both genders, not all of whom are hunky(!) but there's no harm in a little cliche to sell cross stitch, is there? We have 2 fire engine designs, both available as kits and charts.
The London fire engine design costs £29.95 and is very striking and colourful. It uses 15 DMC colours and measures 13" by 9.4".
Slightly larger is the Dennis Firetruck design, measuring 14.3" by 9.6". It uses more DMC colours, 24 in total and is the more expensive of the two at £35.95.

Hopefully one of our emergency service designs will fit the bill for your emergency service worker. If you are that worker and you're stitching for yourself or your crew, we'd love to hear from you and you would definitely be featured in an upcoming newsletter!
Paramedic Ambulance Cross Stitch Kit 
Very colourful - you wouldn't miss this coming towards you!

Mondeo Police Car Cross Stitch Kit 
Mondeo Police Car - super fast!

Volvo Police Car Cross Stitch Kit 
The more sturdy Volvo Police Car.

Police Transit Van Cross Stitch Kit 
I predict a riot!

London Fire Engine Cross Stitch Kit 
London's burning....

Dennis Firetruck Cross Stitch Kit 
Mummy, why are all fire engines called Dennis?


New Design Preview

Especially for you newsletter readers, a preview of our newest design, not even released yet, but I wanted to have something of a teaser in the newsletter for our faithful followers!

The brand new number plate design follows our transport range but provides an opportunity for stitchers to personalise a design for anyone of any age. It's based around the modern GB number plate design and the kit comes with a full
alphabet and number list so that stitchers can make an individual number plate for their loved ones, which could be used as a door plate or as a label to personalise a drawer, cupboard or just as a fabulous piece of stitching!

As with all of our kits, the design comes with Zweigart aida and DMC threads, using just 4 colours. The completed number plate will obviously vary in size if you wish, depending on the size of the name, but the average should be
approximately 11" in width with a height of 2.5". The kit is also a bargain, with a price tag of around £9.95.

This design is so new that it's not on the website yet (as we've not quite finished it!) but rest assured our newsletter readers and facebook likers will be the first to know when it is ready.

Coming soon, new number plate design 
Coming soon, our new personalised number plate design.

Facebook milestone

As I'm writing the newsletter, I've just had a quick look on facebook (in between looking at pictures of me as a teenager, chatting about what's for tea, all the other random things we all do on facebook!) and noticed that we've reached
the milestone of 100 likers! I don't know if there's an official phrase for 'those who like our page', is it fans? Anyway, that's not the most important issue here, I want to thank those of you who have 'liked' our page and to encourage
more of you to join in! Have a look at or follow the link on our homepage,

Stitchtastic's facebook page 
100 Stitchtastic facebook fans!

Next Month

Next month we're going to pay another tribute, but this time to the brave men and women of our armed forces, with some versions of their vehicles that they may not have seen before....
See you then!

See you then!
Next Month will feature Military Vehicles

Questions or comments? E-mail me at or call +44 (0) 114 2353958

Until next time

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