All the time we have been running this website, we have been collecting lots of useful info on cross stitching and needlework, so we have decided to put it all up here so everyone can benefit. You will find all sorts of things on here from conversion charts to tips for left handed stitchers!

Cross Stitch - the next step

If you are an experienced cross stitcher who has completed numerous pictures, tablecloths, cushions, key rings and coasters, etc., you've probably inundated friends and family with cross stitched…

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Using Waste Canvas

Using waste canvas is not difficult if you are an experienced cross stitcher and it will enable you to create a truly unique finish to a plain article of clothing. Items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts,…

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Making Cross Stitch Cushions

What better way is there to compliment the soft furnishings in any room of the house than making cross stitch cushions? The pattern on your cushion can either be extremely busy or, perhaps, a single…

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