February 09

Another month gone!

Where does the time go? It seems like 2 minutes since I was writing last month's newsletter, saying Happy New Year to you all.

I'm delighted to say I've finished my Lewis Hamilton design, I finished it over the Christmas and New Year period. It looks absolutely brilliant and I can't wait to show it off! The loveliest thing about working in the needlecraft industry is that you get to show off your handiwork at shows to fellow stitchers, and as we all know there's nothing better than another stitcher telling you that the back of your stitching is neat!

My first chance to show off the Lewis design will be at a trade only show, Craft, Hobby and Stitch International at the NEC. Next you can come and see us at Sewing For Pleasure and Hobbycrafts, also at the NEC, 12-15th March. Come and have a look! I'll be showing off my latest project too - a Harley Low Rider Motorbike.

McLaren Hamilton F1 Caricature Cross Stitch Kit 

It's finished! Lewis Hamilton's car looks brilliant!

Cross Stitch for Men

Yes, there really are men who enjoy cross stitching, admittedly they are much fewer in number than lady cross stitchers but they do exist.

Many of the designs we cross stitch fans undertake are designed by the male sex. Most men involved with cross stitching treat it as a form of art, not particularly sewing, however, men are as capable as ladies at producing a wonderful piece of cross stitch. Some men choose to look at a piece of cross stitch work as a form of “engineering” as a keen eye, the ability to follow a chart correctly and being able to frame the completed work are talents required by a successful cross stitcher irrespective of their sex.

Here at Stitchtastic we like to think that our designs are particularly attractive to men, whilst we still know that women love our designs too!

Many of our show customers tell us that they're buying cross stitch coasters or cards so that a younger relative can begin stitching. An increasing number of these seem to be boys - brilliant!

To read more about Cross Stitch for Men, please click on the link below.

British Bike Round Coaster Kit

Boys love to try stitching for the first time using one of our minitastic designs, then move onto something bigger.

Norton Dominator Motorbike Cross Stitch Kit

Harley Davidson Low Rider Cross Stitch Kit

Read the rest of the article here

Stitchtastic On Tour

We're beavering away here to prepare for our first trade show, at the NEC in February. We're getting our products into more of your local craft stores now, so please ask for us by name at your local shop.

We'll be at a number of stitching shows over in 2009, starting in March at the NEC, click here for more details. Next month's newsletter will be a show special, ready for Sewing for Pleasure and Hobbycrafts at the NEC, then Stitch & Craft at Olympia, all taking place in March.

Sewing for Pleasure, Birmingham NEC

Sewing for Pleasure, Birmingham NEC

February Spotlight

Right, I'm going to mention it, prepare yourselves....... Apparently, a few people are saying that there's a credit crunch going on, perhaps you haven't heard yet......

Ok, so we're all being bombarded with depressing news and images of a lack of cash, job losses and mortgage difficulties, not to mention the fact that those of us with savings have given up on that thing we used to call interest.

However, stitching is one hobby that doesn't have to be affected by any credit crunch. Where else can you spend about £30 and receive a kit, containing  everything you need for your hobby, and make it last a couple of months (or maybe longer, if you're a slow stitcher!)

A certain situation at home here has meant that my kits have started lasting a lot longer, and I'm delighted to say I can pass on that tip to you - get a kitten!

Sound strange? Not at all! Our new kitten Percy loves to watch me stitching, which is fine when he does it from the floor. However, after a little while he can't contain himself any more and he has to try to pinch my thread, hoop, or else just distract me from stitching and back onto him!

The newest term to beat the crunch is ‘staycation' - a stay at home vacation! Many people are choosing to take time off work but stay at home, with a week of peace and quiet and a couple of new kits to tackle! If this sounds like your idea of heaven, visit www.stitchtastic.com and choose something to beat the crunch!

Percy the cat.

Here he comes again to ruin an evening's stitching!

Ford Starsky & Hutch Cross Stitch Kit

Beat the credit crunch - buy a kit and stay entertained longer for less!

Next Month

It's show special next month. The March newsletter will contain a special guide to visiting stitching shows - vital to those of you who've never been to a show, or those who need a refresher course!

Also, we'll have a review of our first ever trade show and I'll let you know how my Low Rider motorbike has come out!

Exhibition photograph

Questions or comments? E-mail me at sarah@stitchtastic.com or call +44 (0) 114 3830333

Until next time

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