August 11

New Designer

Last month I said I was keeping our new designers under wraps for a little longer.....well, the wraps are off! This month I'm featuring one of our new designers, with the other one following next month.

Kate Mawdsley's designs have joined the Stitchtastic range, her wonderful artwork has graced many a high street store and we've picked some of her cutest designs for you to stitch, with 2 mini-ranges to choose from. Read on to help you with your choice, or why not stitch all of them!

Designer Kate Mawdsley 
Kate Mawdsley, joining our designing team

Featured Artist - Kate Mawdsley

Kate is a world renowned artist and has worked in many areas of the craft industry. She began her career in textile design, creating floral patterns for many major high street stores in the UK such as Top Shop, Dorothy Perkins and Debenhams. Her career as an illustrator began pretty much by accident, when retail chain Boots licensed some of her floral designs for use on gift wrap. OVer the next couple of years she moved more and more into illustrating, luckily for us!

Kate has moved away from floral designs over the years and while she still completes an occasional one, she is now probably best known for her cat, dog and Christmas images. We've taken advantage of both of these strengths to create our first ever Christmas range, using some of Kate's cutest cats and dogs! There are 3 designs in the Kate Mawdsley by Stitchtastic Christmas range (a bit of a mouthful, let's just stick to 'The Christmas range' for now) and they are locked in a battle to decide who is the cutest.

The Christmas Cat and Dog designs are adorable. Peeking over a snowy bank, they are ready for whatever the winter might throw at them, hopefully not a snowball! The designs measure approximately 7" by 7" so they are certainly projects you can tackle in plenty of time for Christmas. They cost £24.95 each and come with everything you need to start stitching, even including a needle.

The third design in the range is a little more detailed, but is certainly a contender in the 'cutest design for Christmas' competition. 'Pets in the Snow' has our cat & dog heroes wrapped up against the winter weather along with a little mouse friend, although I have to say if either of my cats were placed with 2 dogs and a mouse I think they would keep warm by chasing all the other animals around, thank goodness art doesn't always have to imitate real life!

Pets in the Snow is a little bigger than the individual Cat and Dog designs and is priced at £29.95. It will certainly be a treasured Christmas decoration for years to come, or maybe, like me, you'll find it so cute you'll leave it up all year!

Have a look at for the full range of Kate Mawdsley by Stitchtastic designs.
Kate Mawdsley by Stitchtastic Christmas Cat Cross Stitch Kit 
Lovely Christmas Cat.

Kate Mawdsley by Stitchtastic Christmas Dog Cross Stitch Kit 
Just as lovely Christmas Dog

Kate Mawdsley by Stitchtastic Pets in the Snow Cross Stitch Kit 
SO cute!


Ready for 2012

OK, I know I often talk about the summer, winter being on its way, how quickly the year is going, etc, etc......but this time I know I am a little ahead of myself. It's still quite a long way until 2012..unless you're building an Olympic stadium of course! here at Stitchtastic, we're still waiting for the announcement that cross stitch has joined the 100m or the high jump as an olympic Sport, but while we wait we can let you know about the other part of our Kate Mawdsley by Stitchtastic range.

The Harry & Friends range consists of 4 gorgeous cat & dog designs, all stitched on the striking background of our national flag, the union jack. The bright colours really contrast against the adorable cats and dogs leaning into shot, and make a great tribute to the excitement of the Olympics which will come all too quickly. Each design measures approximately 7" by 7" and would also look great stitched together as a foursome. The kits retail at £24.95 and come with Zweigart aida and DMC threads presorted onto thread cards, as do all Stitchtastic products. Again, have a look at for more details.

Kate Mawdsley by Stitchtastic Harry & Friends Black Cat Cross Stitch Kit  
Do you prefer dogs or cats?

Kate Mawdsley by Stitchtastic Harry & Friends Brown Dog Cross Stitch Kit 
Personally, I can't choose...

Kate Mawdsley by Stitchtastic Harry & Friends Ginger Cat Cross Stitch Kit 
Cute AND patriotic!

Kate Mawdsley by Stitchtastic Harry & Friends Spotty Dog Cross Stitch Kit 
I've decided, this one is the cutest....!

Next Month

Next month's newsletter will feature our other new artist, Ann Edwards and her delightful creation, Princess Whiskers. I can't wait for you to see her.

See you then!
See our final new designer next month

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Until next time

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