What's in a Cross Stitch Kit - Video

This video is a simple explanation of what you’ll find in a standard cross stitch kit. We’ve used a Mouseloft kit, they’re a fantastic supplier of mini cross stitch kits.

In the video, Sarah demonstrates what you’ll find inside a standard cross stitch kit, how to use the chart & key (including a guide to using counted cross stitch) and how to actually start stitching.

It’s really easy to start stitching following the instructions Sarah gives here, as she explains some of the terms you might hear when other stitchers are talking about their kits.

The Mouseloft kit Sarah uses here doesn’t have specific thread numbers (as Mouseloft just call them ‘mid brown, dark blue, etc), but remember, you might hear stitchers talk about ‘DMC threads’, ‘Anchor threads’, ‘Zweigart fabric’, ‘DMC fabric’, or various other brands. It’s always better to use a well know brand of fabric, and of threads, as cheaper brands of fabric can become discoloured over time, and cheaper threads can fade or run, or shed fibres over the other parts of your stitching.

If you’d like any more tips, watch out for Sarah’s other videos, especially ‘How to start cross stitching’, and ‘Aida and counts’.