November 12

Christmas Stitching

In the last newsletter, I dared to mention Christmas. Stitchers are usually very organised for Christmas, as we all know, because if you want to prepare a gorgeous personalised stitched present for friends or family, you need to start early. However, never fear, it's not too late to stitch for Christmas. It just depends on how big you want to go! If you're a pretty fast stitcher, you'll still have time to get through our very popular 'Pets in the Snow' design, which is always a festive bestseller. Or you might want to squeeze in Dad's favourite motorbike - we have several hundred motorbike designs - or his first ever car. Have a look through this newsletter for some Christmas gift ideas that you can stitch in a few weeks.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all newsletter readers for letting me interfere in their stitchy lives throughout 2012, let's hope we can continue to do the same into 2013.
Pets In The Snow Cross Stitch
Pets In The Snow

Merry Stitching!

So, here's the first lot of present ideas for you this year. Let's look at our most popular bike and car designs, perhaps for Mum, Dad, Uncle, Auntie, or maybe a younger member of the family with a fondness for vintage.

If you know someone with a penchant for really early bikes, how about our Harley Davidson from 1946? Available in red or black, this design has always been popular with bikers and bike fans and although it is fairly large, there are plenty of block areas to stitch and a pretty speedy stitcher could easily get in finished and wrapped for Christmas. Or if you think you might be a little slower, why not wrap up the kit for Christmas with a little voucher for a couple of months of stitching time, given by you free of charge? This is a great way to make sure your recipient appreciates how much time you will actually spend on them!

Or maybe go for a smaller, more modern bike, such as our Suzuki Hayabusa design. We have several larger Hayabusa designs, but this one is the smallest, whilst still including plenty of detail. The kit is a bargain too, at £20.95. All of our kits include Zweigart aida and DMC threads, all presorted onto thread cards. I like to receive a kit containing only the best materials, so that's what I use in producing our own kits. All made in England, I'm very proud of what we produce, so I hope you and your gift recipient like it too.

After that little sales speech (!), what about if you prefer cars? We've got a massive range, from virtually all manufacturers. So, if you're a vintage car fan, what about an MG? Our MG Roadster is a little star and a fast, easy stitch, very do-able by Christmas. We've got purple, red and green versions, plus a special green design with its hood up! With some big blocks of colour, it's certainly a stitch that you can complete in front of the TV.

If you prefer your cars from the stylish 80s, why not push the boat out with a Lamborghini Countach? We have several Countach designs, from the simple 8 colour version, available in red or black, or what about a slightly more complicated but fun version in our caricature design, which when stitched measures 14 by 6and a half inches. All of these will certainly bring a smile to the face of any automotive fan.

1946 Harley Davidson Cross Stitch 
One of the oldest bikes you can stitch.

Suzuki Hayabusa Cross Stitch 
A quick and simple stitch with a detailed finish.

MGB Roadster Cross Stitch 
The cute little MGB Roadster.

Lamborghini Countach Roadster Cross Stitch 
The non-caricature Lambo.

Lamborghini Countach Cross Stitch 
Our brilliant caricature Lambo.

Christmas Designers

If you're not looking for a design with an engine, why not take a look at our Designers by Stitchtastic range? We have everything from a little kitten, to a cute Christmassy cat or dog, right through to some quick stitches by designer Patrick, ideal for male and female stitchers and non-stitchers alike.

Ann Edwards designed Princess Whiskers for us, she is a little cutie and is available in 3 different designs. My favourite is the Jazz Hands Princess, perfect for any overdramatic princess in your family!

How about our cuter-than-cute Christmas cats and dogs stitches? They're easy to finish in a couple of weeks, so there's still time for two! They're a bargain too, at just £24.95 each.

Patrick has some great Christmas gift stitches in his range. Every family has a computer buff nowadays (if yours doesn't, who do you call when the computer is on the blink? Well, stitch it for them in that case!), your expert really deserves our Computer Sayings design, which comes with 4 different witicisms, which your recipient will certainly identify with! Or for any expert shoppers out there, why not try our 'Shop Til You Drop' barcode design? It's definitely possible to finish this great black and white design in time for Christmas and it's fantastic value at £9.95.

Jazz Hands Princess Cross Stitch Kit 
Altogether....Jazz Hands!

Christmas Cat Cross Stitch Kit 
Thr first Christmas Cat design - find the others below.

Christmas Dog Anniversary Edition Cross Stitch Kit 
Very Cute!

Computer Sayings Cross Stitch Kit 
Yes, I have tried turning off and on again!

Shop Til You Drop Cross Stitch Kit 
Everyone knows an expert it you?

Stitching for younger ones

If you have a younger member of the family, (we're not just talking kids here, anyone would love to receive our caricature designs, tested and proven here at Stitchtastic!) perhaps they'd love a personalised pressie? Our personalised number plate is perfect. It's a quick, easy stitch and comes complete with 2 different sized alphabets so you can add any name you choose inside the number plate. The kit costs just £9.95 and would be appreciated by old and young car fans alike.
Our caricature range contains over 100 designs with something for everyone, many of which you've seen in previous newsletters. Have a look at for more details, but in the meantime, why not give our Jenson Button Formula 1 design a go? A must for all Formula 1 fans, this design really shows off the amazing cars that all Formula 1 fans adore, so give him a go, he's a fun and interesting stitch.
GB Number Plate Cross Stitch Kit 
Can be personalised with any name.

McLaren Button F1 Caricature Cross Stitch Kit 
Jenson to win!.

Next Time

Our next bi-monthly newsletter will be the first of 2013! As I shall be very busy with turkey, tinsel, etc, I apologise now if it's a little bit late, but I'll be showcasing some New Year Bargains, so make sure you double-click on the message when it plops into your inbox!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

See you then!
Next Time

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