January 12

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2012! OK, I have an admission to make. As we have a really busy Christmas time, just like a large number of you, visiting relatives etc, I decided to write the newsletter really early this month. So for me, right now, it isn't even Merry Christmas, never mind Happy New Year. I still have to go and wrap my presents! But at least it means you get all of the latest Stitchtastic news on time this month, and I can relax and enjoy the festive season. Anyway, I hope that Santa brought you everything you asked for. If he didn't, then you're in luck anyway, as you can take advantage of our big January sale....read on!Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

Stitchtastic January Sale

I had a really good think at the start of December (trying to be organised!). How could I offer the best January sale around? How could I make sure my loyal newsletter readers could get a deal no-one else could? Finally I decided to go the whole hog. We are having a January sale, but only to our newsletter readers, and on all of our products. So here it is...Stitchtastic newsletter readers get 10% everything on our website. Yep, everything! All you need to go is visit the site, decide how many of our fabulous kits and/or charts you'd like to buy with your Christmas money and pop them in your basket as usual. Then simply click through to the checkout as normal, but on the payment options page, under coupons, enter this code and click apply. Then you'll be given 10% off everything in your basket. There's no limit to how many times you can use this code, and you can pass it onto your friends if you like.

So if you've had your eye on one of our best sellers, now's your chance to save a little money. Our most popular Camper Van design, as shown here, normally costs £29.95. In the January sale, newsletter readers can get it for £26.95. We sell over 50 different Harley Davidson motorbike designs, but I've just chosen the most popular to show you here, the Harley Ultra Glide. It also costs £26.95 with the sale discount. However, if you buy one of our largest kits, you'll save a little more. The Eddie Stobart kit is particularly large and striking, it normally weighs in at £35.95. So with the sale discount, you'll get it for £32.35.

Why not take the chance to buy one of our Designers by Stitchtastic range at a reduced price? Why not give one of our Princess Whiskers designs a go, created by the wonderful artist Ann Edwards? With the sale discount, you'll only pay £22.45. One of the best selling kits of late 2011 was our Computer Sayings kit (very popular with ladies wanting to stitch it for their IT savvy partners) and you'll get it for £26.95 right now. Well, it might be £26.96 as the computer is better at Maths than I am! (don't forget, you'll still have to pay postage, £2 for a kit, plus 50p extra for each additional item). Now, I'm getting a bit fed up of sounding like those carpet showroom adverts that start on Boxing Day, so I'll move on to to feature our newest designs (which also have 10% off during January....ok, enough!)

Volkswagen Camper Van Bay Window (detailed) Cross Stitch Kit 
Our most popular Camper Van design.

Harley Davidson Ultra Glide Anniversary Edition Cross Stitch Kit 
Our most popular Harley design.

Eddie Stobart Lorry Cross Stitch Kit 
10% off Eddie

Princess Whiskers Cross Stitch Kit 
10% off Princess

Computer Sayings Cross Stitch Kit 
This design comes with 4 alternative sayings, for that frustrated computer user in your life!



2012 is finally here

Can you remember where you were when it was announced that we would hold the Olympics in 2012? It was early July 2005, I know this as it was just a couple of weeks before we got married and we were watching the news where I used to work on a tiny little portable TV. I can remember thinking that 2012 seemed like such a long way away, I can't believe it's here now. They even did a Dr Who episode where they travelled to 2012, so it must be the future, right? Well, the future is here now (sorry, gone into advert mode again) and we've produced a set of 4 designs especially created for 2012, using more artwork from our popular designer, Kate Mawdsley.

Kate's Christmas range proved to be very popular and so I'm delighted to show you our Harry & Friends range. Each of the 4 designs features a cute pet and everyone I've spoken to has a different favourite. I can't quite decide, but I do think the spotty dog is particularly lovely, his cheeky little face seems to jump off the aida and I bet he'd be full of mischief! All 4 kits are priced at £24.95 and comes with Zweigart aida and DMC threads, presorted onto thread cards. Why not stitch the lot as a present for that lucky friend who managed to get Olympic tickets? Or if your Gran is looking forward to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee but doesn't really want to stitch a traditional Royal family portrait, take advantage of your 10% discount and get her a treat. They're a great stitch for beginners and experienced stitchers alike, the blocky nature of the union jack gives a great area to stitch in front of the TV when your favourite Olympic event is on! Have a look at http://www.stitchtastic.com/catalog/kate-mawdsley-designs.aspx for more information and ordering.

Harry & Friends Cross Stitch Kits 
Harry & Friends Cross Stitch Kits 
Very patriotic for 2012

Next Month

February is a very busy month in the stitching world, so I'll fill you in with some of the happenings at Stitchtastic and suggest some good pressies for early-in-the-year birthdays and for Valentines Day.

See you then!
Next month

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Until next time

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