March 13

Spring Stitching

Welcome to our first newsletter of the Spring - I hope as you sit reading this the sun is shining and it isn't snowing! Apologies to those non-UK readers who are experiencing different seasons at the moment, especially those in Australia, who are probably looking forward to the Autumn right now.

Whatever the weather, we can always find an excuse to stitch,can't we? Perhaps a quick look at our John Deere tractor design will start you urge to stitch - here in the UK there'll be a lot more of them on the roads as the weather warms up....sorry car drivers!
John Deere Tractor Cross Stitch Kit
Tractor time is coming!

Green for Go!

March is an exciting month for another reason (and this is linked to Australia too - how together am I this month!), for all you followers of Formula 1 - the 2013 season starts this month! With 2 races in March - Australia and Malaysia, plus 2 more in April (China and Bahrain), F1 fans will be gearing up right now for their weekends to be filled with the roar of engines and the gossip from the paddock. So if you're an F1 fan, or you'd like to stitch for someone who is, do we have a treat for you this newsletter!

First of all, have a look at our designs from F1 days gone by. To start with, anyone heard of Eddie Jordan? For non F1 fans, he was a team boss for many years and now commentates here in the UK. Our first and second designs feature 2 of his team's cars from previous years.

The first F1 Jordan Cross Stitch kit shows the famous yellow livery of the Jordan team, with sponsorship that you can't see nowadays as the sponsor was a cigarette company, now banned from sports advertising! The yellow colour always stood out on track and would certainly stand out as a stitched piece on the wall of your study or perhaps as a gift for that motor-mad family member. The kit uses 13 DMC colours and costs £29.95.

The second F1 design is also a Jordan, but this time is a fetching green colour (he chose all the best colours didn't he?).This kit is a large stitch, measuring 18" by 4" (45cm by 11cm) and shows the Jordan car from 1991. A firm favourite with many fans, this would be a great stitch for an F1 aficionado.

Our third historical F1 design is a little more recent and comes from 2004. This design shows the McLaren car from that year and is an impressive piece, with a lot of detail. It's priced at £35.95 because of its size and intricacy, but it's well worth the effort as the finished result would make an amazing gift for any McLaren or F1 fan. The piece measures 15"by 10" (39cm x 27cm) and uses 19 DMC colours.

Have a look at for further details of all these designs.

F1 Jordan Cross Stitch Kit 
Will stand out on any wall or track!

Formula one F1 1991 Jordan Race Car Cross Stitch Chart 
Jordan - a small team, but always very popular.

F1 McLaren Cross Stitch 
This F1 McLaren is one of our best sellers.

Crazy F1

I never like to complete a newsletter without showing some of our caricature designs, a range of which I'm very proud. Luckily, we have several F1 based caricatures to show you, sticking with our theme for this newsletter.

First of all, if you have a fan of racing cars in the family who doesn't particularly like one individual team, or a little boy or girl who simply loves racing cars, why not stitch our generic Formula 1 Car design? With its screeching wheels and smoky tyres you can feel the speed, and this would certainly brighten up the walls of any bedroom! The kit is another fairly big one, using 15 DMC colours and measuring 14" by 10" (36cm by 26cm). Have a look at for more details.

Our second caricature matches the colours of a Ferrari F1 car, and is fittingly called Pole Position! Again, the sense of speed here is obvious and the bright colours and exciting style would go down a treat with that family F1 fan. The kit costs £35.95 and uses 21 DMC colours.

Finally, our most up to date design features one of the most popular drivers at the moment, Jenson Button. Jenson drives for McLaren, and can be easily spotted here by his blue helmet. We have a version with a yellow helmet too, which fits his new team mate Sergio Perez but was actually designed for his old team mate Lewis Hamilton! So this kit can serve a number of purposes depending on which fan you stitch it for! Have a look at
for more details, and happy stitching!/td>

Formula 1 Car Cross Stitch Kit 
How does it look so fast?

Pole Position Cross Stitch Kit 
Red racing cars always go down well.

McLaren Hamilton/Button F1 Caricature Cross Stitch Chart 
Come on Jenson!

NNext Time

Our next newsletter will be released at the beginning of May, by which time some of us may be starting to think about holidays, so that will be our theme.

See you then!
Next Time

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Until next time

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