Anchor to DMC Threads Conversion Chart

Anchor stranded cotton is manufactured by Coats Crafts UK, a company founded some 200 years ago, and is very popular with cross stitchers. There are now several hundred different colour shades within the Anchor thread range. The range is not quite as large as the DMC thread range with some variation between the colours provided by both companies. At present, Stitchtastic do not stock Anchor threads, but we will convert any of our charts to Anchor on request. A DMC to Anchor conversion chart is available and an Anchor to DMC conversion chart is shown below:

It is imperative to complete your piece of cross stitch work using thread or floss from the same manufacturer to ensure that there is no variation in colour of the finished article.

We stock the full range of DMC threadsAnchor threads and DMC Shade Cards in our online shop.

Anchor CodeDMC CodeAnchor CodeDMC Code
1 Snow WhiteB5200 Snow White2 White3865 Winter White
6 Salmon353 Peach8 Salmon3779 Terra Cotta
9 Salmon760 Salmon10 Salmon3712 Salmon
11 Salmon350 Coral13 Salmon817 Coral Red
19 Burgundy498 Red20 Burgundy815Garnet
22 Burgundy902 Garnet23 Baby Pink3689 Mauve
24 Carnation776 Pink25 Carnation957 Geranium
26 Carnation893 Carnation27 Carnation893 Carnation
28 Carnation892 Carnation29 Carnation666 Red Mauve
31 Blush3733 Dusty Rose33 Blush956 Geranium
35 Blush3801 Melon36 Blossom Pink3326 Rose
38 Blossom Pink335 Rose39 Blossom Pink817 Coral Red
40 Carmine Rose603 Cranberry41 Carmine Rose335 Rose
42 Carmine Rose321 Red43 Carmine Rose815Garnet
44 Carmine Rose902 Garnet45 Carmine Rose902 Garnet
46 Crimson Red606 Orange Red47 Carmine Red498 Red
48 China Rose963 Dusty Rose49 China Rose3716 Dusty Rose
50 China Rose957 Geranium51 Nelke Dunkel605 Cranberry
52 China Rose3806 Cyclamen Pink54 China Rose3804 Cyclamen Pink
55 Beauty Rose3833 Raspberry57 Beauty Rose3804 Cyclamen Pink
59 China Rose777 Red60 Magenta3354 Dusty Rose
62 Magenta603 Cranberry63 Magenta3804 Cyclamen Pink
65 Antique Rose777 Red66 Raspberry3608 Plum
68 Rasperry3731 Dusty Rose69 Rasperry3803 Mauve
70 Raspberry814 Garnet72 raspberry902 Garnet
73 Antique Rose963 dusty Rose74 Antique Rose957 Geranium
75 Antique Rose3833 Raspberry76 Antique Rose961 Dusty Rose
77 Antique Rose3687 Mauve78 Antique Rose917 Plum
79 Mauve3687 Mauve85 Orchid605 Cranberry
86 Orchid3608 Plum87 Orchid718 Plum
88 Orchid917 Plum89 Orchid917 Plum
90 Plum3836 Grape92 Plum553 Violet
94 Plum915 Plum95 Violet3743 Antique Violet
96 Violet3836 Grape97 Violet209 Lavender
98 Violet3835 Grape99 Violet3835 Grape
100 Violet3834 Grape101 Violet550 Violet
102 Violet154 Red103 Plum3689 Mauve
108 Lavender3836 Grape109 Lavender155 Forget-me-not-Blue
110 Lavender3746 Blue Violet111 Lavender333 Blue Violet
112 Lavender327 Violet117 Thistle519 Sky Blue
118 thistle793 Cornflower Blue119 Thistle792 Cornflower Blue
120 Blueberry3761 Sky Blue121 Blueberry793 Cornflower Blue
122 Blueberry3807 Cornflower Blue123 Blueberry158 Blue
127 Indigo823 Blue128 Blue828 Blue
129 Blue813 Blue130 Blue813 Blue
131 Blue322 Baby Blue132 Blue312 baby Blue
133 Blue312 Baby Blue134 Blue820 Royal Blue
136 Wedgewood334 Baby Blue137 Wedgewood322 Baby Blue
139 Wedgewood312 Baby Blue140 Copen Blue813 Blue
142 Copen Blue995 Electric Blue143 Copen Blue824 Blue
144 Delft Blue519 Sky Blue145 Delft Blue799 Delft Blue
146 Delft Blue322 Baby Blue147 Delft Blue3842 Wedgewood
148 Delft Blue311 Blue149 Delft Blue336 Blue
150 Delft Blue803 Blue152 Delft Blue939 Blue
158 Sapphire747 Sky Blue159 Sapphire3325 Baby Blue
160 Sapphire827 Blue161 Sapphire3766 Peacock Blue
162 Sapphire806 Peacock Blue164 Sapphire3842 Wedgewood
167 Surf Blue598 Turquoise168 Surf BlueTurquoise
169 Surf Blue806 Peacock Blue170 Surf Blue3842 Wedgewood
175 Ocean Blue813 Blue176 Ocean Blue3838 Lavender Blue
177 Ocean Blue3807 Cornflower Blue178 Ocean Blue791 Cornflower Blue
185 Sea Green959 Seagreen186 Sea Green597 Turquoise
187 Sea Green3849 Teal Green188 Sea Green3814 Aquamarine
189 Sea Green3814 Aquamarine203 Mint Green3817 Celadon Green
204 Mint Green3851 Bright Green205 Mint Green562 Jade
206 Spruce955 Nile Green208 Spruce3851 Bright Green
209 Spruce912 Emerald Green210 Spruce561 Jade
211 Spruce700 Green212 Spruce986 Forest Green
213 Juniper3024 Brown Gray214 Juniper966 Baby Green
215 Juniper320 Pistachio Green216 Juniper163 Green
217 Juniper561 Jade218 Juniper500 Blue Green
219 Ocean Green564 Jade221 Ocean Green502 Blue Green
224 Ocean Green3818 Emerald Green225 Emerald989 Forest Green
226 Emerald702 Kelly Green227 Emerald701 Green
228 Emerald700 Green229 Emerald700 Green
230 Mint Green910 Emerald Green231 Rose Gray3024 Brown Gray
232 Rose Gray452 Shell Gray233 Rose Gray640 Beige Gray
234 Charcoal Gray762 Pearl Gray235 Charcoal Gray414 Steel Gray
236 Charcoal Gray3799 Pewter Gray237 Chartreuse704 Chartreuse
238 spring Green703 Chartreuse239 spring Green702 Kelly Green
240 Grass Green966 Baby Green241 Grass Green368 Pistachio Green
242 Grass Green989 Forest Green243 Grass Green988 Forest Green
244 Grass Green987 Forest Green245 Grass Green699 Green
246 Grass Green699 Green253 Parrot GreenAvocado Green
254 Parrot Green3348 Yellow Green255 Parrot Green704 Chartreuse
256 Parrot Green906 Parrot Green257 Parrot Green905 Parrot Green
258 Parrot Green580 Moss Green259 Loden Green772 Yellow Green
260 Loden Green3053 Green Gray261 Loden Green3364 Pine Green
262 Loden Green987 Forest Green263 Loden Green520 Fern Green
264 Avocado3013 Khaki Green265 Avocado471 Avocado Green
266 Avocado470 Avocado Green267 Avocado905 Parrot Green
268 Avocado904 Parrot Green269 Avocado520 Fern Green
271 Soft Carnation818 Baby Pink273 Stone Gray3362 Pine Green
274 Blue Mist3072 Beaver Gray275 Citrus3823 Yellow
276 Pearl739 Tan277 Desert831 Golden Olive
278 Olive Green3819 Moss Green279 Olive Green734 Olive Green
280 Olive Green733 Olive Green281 Olive Green831 Golden Olive
282 Sea Foam3752 Antique Blue288 Canary Yellow743 Yellow
289 Canary Yellow307 Lemon290 Canary Yellow444 Lemon
291 Canary Yellow444 Lemon292 Jonquil745 Yellow
293 Jonquil727 Topaz295 Jonquil726 Topaz
297 Jonquil973 Canary298 Jonquil444 Lemon
300 Citrus677 Old Gold301 Citrus3822 Straw
302 Citrus725 Topaz303 Citrus972 Canary
304 Citrus741 Tangerine305 Topaz725 Topaz
306 Topaz3852 Straw307 Topaz741 Tangerine
308 Topaz782 Topaz309 Topaz782 Topaz
310 Topaz780 Topaz311 Tangerine676 Old Gold
313 Topaz3854 Autumn Gold314 Tangerine741 Tangerine
316 Tangerine740 Tangerine323 Apricot722 Orange Spice
324 Apricot721 Orange Spice326 Apricot900 Burnt Orange
328 Melon3341 Apricot329 Melon3340 Apricot
330 Melon970 Pumpkin332 Blaze946 Burnt Orange
333 Blaze946 Burnt Orange334 Blaze606 Orange-red
335 Blaze606 Orange-red336 Terra Cotta402 Mahogany
337 Terra Cotta3773 Desert Sand338 Terra Cotta3778 Terra Cotta
339 Terra Cotta3830 Terra Cotta340 Terra Cotta3777 Terra Cotta
341 Terra Cotta3777 Terra Cotta342 Lilac211 Lavender
343 Slate Blue932 Antique Blue347 Bark729 Old Gold
349 Bark781 Topaz351 Bark3777 Terra Cotta
352 Bark300 Mahogany354 Earth611 Drab Brown
355 Mocha919 Red Copper357 Mocha300 Mahogany
358 Coffee400 Mahogany359 Coffee300 Mahogany
360 Coffee898 Coffee Brown361 Nutmeg676 Old Gold
362 Nutmeg3827 Golden Brown363 Nutmeg3820 Straw
365 Nutmeg3829 Old Gold366 Spice945 Tawny
367 Spice738 Tan368 Spice422 Hazelnut Brown
369 Spice680 Old Gold370 Spice780 Topaz
371 Spice400 Mahogany372 Desert738 Tan
373 Desert422 Hazelnut Brown374 Desert832 Golden Olive
375 Desert420 Hazelnut Brown376 Fawn842 Beige Brown
378 Fawn841 Beige Brown379 Fawn611 Drab Brown
380 Fudge938 Coffee Brown381 Fudge3371 Black Brown
382 Fudge3371 Black Brown386 Citrus948 Peach
387 Ecru739 Tan388 Ecru842 Beige Brown
390 Linen543 Beige Brown391 Linen453 Shell Gray
392 Linen3032 Mocha Brown393 Linen840 Beige Brown
397 Gray644 Beige Gray398 Gray168 Silver Gray
399 Gray647 Beaver Gray400 Gray645 Beaver Gray
401 Gray3799 Pewter Gray403 Black310 Black
406 Black310 Black410 Ice Blue995 Electric Blue
433 Ice Blue3843 Electric Blue675 Blue Mist VeryTurquoise
676 Terra Cotta452 Shell Gray677 Terra Cotta451 Shell Gray
678 Terra Cotta611 Drab Brown679 Beige Brown3772 Desert Sand
681 Forest3011 Khaki Green683 Turf Green890 Pistachio Green
778 Flesh754 Peach779 Blue Mist926 Gray Green
781 Blue Gray931 Antique Blue799 Cherry Red498 Red
802 Olive Green Very445 Lemon803 Citrus971 Pumpkin
806 Steel Blue931 Antique Blue815 Pumice414 Steel Gray
816 Steel Blue924 Gray Green817 Avocado580 Moss Green
820 Wheat729 Old Gold830 Sierra644 Beige Gray
831 Sierra3864 Mocha Beige832 Sierra3032 Mocha Brown
837 Haze927 Gray Green838 Haze318 Steel Gray
840 Sage930 Antique Blue842 Fern Green3046 Yellow
843 Fern Green3012 Khaki Green844 Fern Green581 Moss Green
845 Fern Green3011 Khaki Green846 Fern Green3031 Mocha Brown
847 Blue Mist762 Pearl Gray848 Blue Mist415 Pearl Gray
849 Blue Mist927 Gray Green850 Blue Mist647 Beaver Gray
851 Blue Mist501 Blue Green852 Turf3047 Yellow Beige
853 Turf613 Drb Brown854 Turf371 Mustard
855 Turf/td>3828 Hazelnut Brown856 Turf167 Khaki Brown
858 Laurel Green524 Fern Green859 Laurel Green3364 Pine Green
860 Laurel Green3052 Green Gray861 Laurel Green3362 Pine Green
862 Laurel Green520 Fern Green868 Flesh950 Desert Sand
869 Amethyst168 Silver Gray870 Amethyst3042 Antique Violet
871 Amethyst3041 Antique Violet872 Amethyst3740 Antique Violet
873 Amethyst779 Brown874 Saffron834 Golden Olive
875 Pine503 Blue Green876 Pine3816 Celadon Green
877 Pine3815 Celadon Green878 Pine501 Blue Green
879 Pine986 Forest Green
880 Copper3033 Mocha Brown881 Copper3771 Peach
882 Copper437 Tan883 Copper3064 Desert Sand
884 Copper355 Terra Cotta885 Sand Stone951 Tawny
886 Sand Stone676 Old Gold887 Sand Stone834 Golden Olive
888 Sand Stone3828 Hazelnut Brown889 Sand Stone830 Golden Olive
890 Brass783 Topaz891 Brass676 Old Gold
892 Rose Wine225 Shell Pink893 Rose Wine761 Salmon
894 Rose Wine224 Shell Pink895 Rose Wine316 Antique Mauve
896 Rose Wine3722 Shell Pink897 Rose Wine902 Garnet
898 Sierra370 Mustard899 Tawny3782 Mocha Brown
900 Pewter524 Fern Green901 Tawny782 Topaz
903 Tawny3012 Khaki Green904 Mocha Brown3011 Khaki Green
905 Tawny3031 Mocha Brown906 Brass829 Golden Olive
907 Saffron782 Topaz914 Flesh436 Tan
920 Denim807 Peacock Blue921 Denim931 Antique Blue
922 Denim930 Antique Blue923 Emerald3818 Emerald Green
924 Olive Green730 Olive Green925 Tangerine Very946 Burnt Orange
926 Ecru746 Off White928 Larkspur3761 Sky Blue
933 Fawn3774 Desert Sand936 Fawn3858 Rosewood
939 Stormy Blue793 Cornflower Blue940 Stormy Blue825 Blue
941 Stormy Blue824 Blue942 Wheat676 Old Gold
943 Wheat729 Old Gold944 Wheat830 Golden Olive
945 Harvest734 Olive Green956 Harvest842 Beige Brown
968 Wineberry3771 Peach969 Wineberry3864 Mocha Beige
970 Wineberry223 Shell Pink972 Wineberry3803 Mauve
975 Sea Blue3752 Antique Blue976 Sea Blue932 Antique Blue
977 Sea Blue334 Baby Blue978 Sea Blue3760 Wedgewood
979 Sea Blue3765 Peacock Blue1001 Antique Gold976 Golden Brown
1002 Antique Gold3853 Autumn Gold1003 Amberglow922 Copper
1004 Apricot919 Red Copper1005 Cherry Red498 Red
1006 Cherry Red498 Red1007 Chicory3772 Desert Sand
1008 Chicory3773 Desert Sand1009 Copper225 Shell Pink
1010 Cinnamon951 Tawny1011 Flesh225 Shell Pink
1012 Chicory945 Tawny1013 Brick3778 Terra Cotta
1014 Brick3777 Terra Cotta1015 Brick498 Red
1016 Antique Maauve3727 Antique Mauve1017 Antique316 Antique Mauve
1018 antique Mauve3726 Antique Mauve1019 Antique Mauve315 Antique Mauve
1020 Peony3774 Desert Sand1021 Peony3771 Peach
1022 Peony760 Salmon1023 Peony3832 Raspberry
1024 Peony3731 Dusty Rose1025 Peony347 Salmon
1026 Wineberry3774 Desert Sand1027 Rose Wine3731 Dusty Rose
1028 Rspberry3685 Mauve1029 Antique Rose816 Garnet
1030 Thistle3838 Lavender Blue1031 Antique Blue828 Blue
1032 Antique Blue827 Blue1033 Antique Blue932 Antique Blue
1034 Antique931 Antique Blue1035 antique Blue3750 Antique Blue
1036 Antique Blue803 Blue1037 Sea Blue3753 Antique Blue
1038 Glacier Blue519 Sky Blue1039 Glacier Blue597 Turquoise
1040 Pewter3022 Brown Gray1041 Stone Gray935 Avocado Green
1042 Pine505 Grass Green1043 Grass Green369 Pistachio Green
1044 Grass Green500 Blue Green1045 Toast436 Tan
1046 Toast3829 Old Gold1047 Cinnamon3827 Golden Brown
1048 Cinnamon976 Golden Brown1049 Cinnamon301 Mahogany
1050 Tawny3862 Mocha Beige1060 Unnamed519 Sky Blue
1062 Unnamed807 Peacock Blue1064 Unnamed518 Wedgewood
1066 Unnamed3765 Peacock Blue1068 Unnamed3808 Turquoise
1070 Unnamed597 Turquoise1072 Unnamed3810 Turquoise
1074 Unnamed3814 Aquamarine1076 Unnamed3809 Turquoise
1080 Unnamed3864 Mocha Beige1082 Unnamed3032 Mocha Brown
1084 Unnamed611 Drab Brown1086 Unnamed3781 Mocha Brown
1088 Unnamed934 Avocado Green1089 Unnamed995 Electric Blue
1090 Unnamed996 Electric Blue1092 Unnamed598 Turquoise
1094 Unnamed605 Cranberry1096 Unnamed794 Cornflower Blue
1098 Unnamed666 Red3324 Orange Spice740 Tangerine
4146 sportsman Flesh3771 Peach5975 Brick921 Copper
8581 Stone Gray3052 Green Gray9046 Christmas Red900 Burnt Orange
9159 Glacier Blue828 Blue9575 Brick437 Tan

We stock the full range of DMC threadsAnchor threads and DMC Shade Cards in our online shop.

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