May 09

Summer's Coming!

We've had a taste of Spring this month, haven't we? Lovely weather is great for getting outside, so I often take my stitching into the garden.

Let's hope this year we actually have a summer, and no wash out! If you're just starting to see the flowers appearing in the garden, why don't you try stitching a few? Our range of contemporary single flowers on black aida are proving increasingly popular, as is our field of poppies design. I stitched a number of them last year and they're great fun to stitch!

I've got 2 newly finished designs to show you, which I'm very proud of. I finished my Union Jack Jaguar and the second of our PETZ hamster designs - this one has just missed the London Marathon, he certainly looks well prepared for it!

Jaguar E-Type Union Jack Cross Stitch Kit

My Union Jack Jaguar design - I haven't had chance to iron him yet!

Hamster Wheel Caricature Cross Stitch Kit
The 2 fitness fanatic hamsters together.

Hamster Weights Caricature Cross Stitch Kit

May Product Spotlight

Our most recent addition to the range is this beautiful old Fiat Bailil, one of a number of early motor cars that we have in stock. Well, when I say in stock, I do  mean the cross stitch versions!

This design looks fantastically detailed, yet only uses 9 colours and no backstitch! I'm often told by newcomers to stitching that they're scared to try a big design simply because of the size. I always tell them that our big designs are just like little designs, they just take a bit longer!

The counting bit of cross stitch also scares some people. I tell them that the key is to mark off the parts that they have stitched regularly, perhaps even every few stitches. I also let them know that if they go wrong, it isn't the end of the world! I little bit of unpicking (or reverse stitching, as those of us in the know call it!) can go a long way. Don't ever be tempted to fudge it and try to get back on track without unpicking, you're sure to suffer for it later. Anyway, our charts are so clear you won't ever go wrong!

Fiat 1932 BAILIL Cross Stitch Kit 
1932 Fiat Bailil, as you've never seen it before!

Guide to framing Cross Stitch

Over the last few issues of the newsletter, we've discussed what to do with your stitching if you don't want to frame it. Here at Stitchtastic, we sell a number of accessories to show off your stitching, such as coasters, clocks, key rings, fridge magnets and the like.

But still, there's nothing quite like a beautiful piece of cross stitch art on the wall, nicely framed for everyone to see.

When choosing a frame for your work, it is a good idea to try to match the frame to the cross stitch, that is, if you have stitched a traditional pattern it would not particularly suit a very modern frame, likewise, cross stitching a really up to date pattern and framing it in an antique looking frame would not be very suitable either. Another idea is to take a good look at your pattern and if there is a colour in the piece which really stands out it may be possible to obtain a frame in a matching colour or possibly a lighter shade. The room in which the completed cross stitch picture will be hung should also be taken into consideration. The frame adds the finishing touch to any picture so if you are buying a frame, or having one made by a professional frame maker, do remember to take the piece of cross stitching with you when you are choosing your frame.

Once you have chosen the frame, you also need to decide how to mount the work before it is framed. Do you need a border around the edge of the piece? The choice is entirely yours but a guide to this is that the finished cross stitch will stand out more when framed if it has a border around the edge of the material rather than the edges of the finished work going straight into a frame.

For more information on how to frame, and about choosing the correct frame, please click here.

Chihuahua Dog Caricature Cross Stitch Kit

Chihuahua Dog Caricature Cross Stitch Kit

To frame or not to frame?

Volkswagen Camper Van Bay Window (detailed) Cross Stitch Kit

Volkswagen Camper Van Bay Window (detailed) Cross Stitch Kit

Next Month

In June's newsletter (June already? Where is 2009 going?!) I'd like to share with you some of our customers' stories and pictures.

If you'd like to be featured in our newsletter, please e-mail me at, preferably with a picture of your stitching!

Suzuki GSX 1400 Motorcycle Cross Stitch Kit

Questions or comments? E-mail me at or call +44 (0) 114 3830333

Until next time

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