November 09

Oops - what happened to October?

Sorry. It just didn't happen! We spent a huge amount of time preparing for the Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace, and then time sorting out afterwards, and we just didn't produce an October newsletter. That's the last time that will happen…..I'm pretty sure!!

I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate Valentino Rossi on his fantastic ninth World Championship crown, won during October with a race still to go. Valentino is the subject of one of our most popular caricature designs, which you can see here.

This month's newsletter is all about accessories. What do you use when stitching? What do you like to use to mount your stitching?  Hopefully I can provide you with a few Christmas present ideas (sorry, but it is time now), but obviously they are for people to buy for you!

Valentino Rossi Fiat Bike Cross Stitch Kit 

Valentino Rossi - World Champion again!

What do you need to stitch?

Accessories are vital to stitchers. There aren't many of us who are happy to sit with a needle and nothing else, we all have our favourite scissors, our favourite type of needle threader. Don't even get me started on the hoop dilemma - do you need a hoop? What's a minefield!

I use an 18cm plastic hoop, and I make sure I move it every hour or so that I'm not leaving too much of a mark on the aida. I use pretty little embroidery scissors and a small highlighter pen, so that everything fits into my little stitching box, where I keep all my threads on cardboard bobbins, which I reuse as many times as I can fit a new label onto them!

Now a non-stitcher would not understand the vital importance of all of these accessories, not forgetting a magnet to keep my needle on so that  it doesn't disappear down the side of the sofa every time I stop stitching. A non-stitcher wouldn't take such pleasure in the ritual of laying out all my bits and pieces on the arm of the sofa, switching on my daylight lamp and feeling myself relax as I settle in for a couple of hours of me time.

But we understand, don't we........

Have a look at our full cross stitch accessories range, including bulk packs of needles and threadcards for those who don't use bobbins but like to organise their threads.

Cross Stitch Accessories 

My very own stitching set up

Accessories for display

Now and again, when you've stitched a huge wall displayed design for everyone in the family and your own walls are full, it's great to stitch something small. But where to display it?
Here at Stitchtastic we can provide a range of smaller display options, as well as some fun and unique designs to put in them.

Our bargain acrylic range is proving to be very popular. Coasters are a big hit, either square of round. They come in 2 pieces, you simply insert your stitching  (or photograph, or kid's drawing, or whatever you like) and press on the acrylic back section. Et voila! The coaster is ready for use. Square are slightly more popular than round, but there's not much in it.

We also provide an number of other acrylic products. Our fridge magnets take a similar size of stitched design to the coasters and are a slightly more unusual gift.  We also stock 2 sizes of keyring, a luggage tag for larger designs (trust me, they'll never lose their keys with one of these!!)  and a smaller rectangular key ring for fun miniature designs.

Have a look at our acrylic keyrings for the full range. Special Bulk pack prices are available for larger orders so have a good luck - it could solve all of your Christmas present problems in one stroke!

Have a look at our acrylic coaster and keyring kits to see some of our smaller designs for keyrings, coasters and fridge magnets. If you like to stitch and display in 3 fold aperture cards, they'll fit there too.

Next Month

Next month we're focusing on our hugely popular caricature range. I think another countdown may be in order..............

If you'd like to be featured in our newsletter, please e-mail me at, preferably with a picture of your stitching!

Ferrari Testarossa Caricature Cross Stitch Kit 

Spitfire Aeroplane Cross Stitch Kit

Questions or comments? E-mail me at or call +44 (0) 114 2353958

Until next time

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