July 11

More new designs

Happy Summer! It must be by now, mustn't it? The year is flying by as always and here at Stitchtastic 2011 is the year of new designs for us. We've got some fantastic new artists who've come on board at Stitchtastic to create some brilliant new kits for you to try, but I'm keeping some of them under wraps for a month or two as they're not ready! However, this month we have two more brand new designs from Patrick, our newest designer and resident computer expert. 

As you will see, Patrick's designs are unusual and very striking. He says, 'After showing you my first design in last month's newsletter, we had a great reaction so I wanted to share these with newsletter readers first before anyone else! Read on to find out about the inspiration for his latest designs.

Our newest designer, Patrick 
Our newest designer, Patrick

Harvest Festival

Alright, it's more of a festival of stitching, but you try thinking of a catchy line about tractors! We have a range of 5 tractor designs, all available as kits and charts. Tractors are always popular for stitchers, whether they're farmers themselves or simply love a good tractor!

Firstly, the oldest tractor in our range. It's an old fashioned open cab David Brown and appeals to the tractor purists! Measuring 10" by 8.6", it uses 11 DMC colours and the kit costs £24.95. Have a look at http://www.stitchtastic.com/product/david-brown-tractor-cross-stitch-kit.aspx for more details.

Next, probably our most popular tractor design, a John Deere in its recognisable green livery. It is quite a large design, measuring 13.6" by 10.6" and it uses 20 DMC colours, with quite a lot of green! It's a great stitch though, and not too difficult as it contains some nice block areas to stitch in front of the TV. The kit costs £29.95 and can be found at http://www.stitchtastic.com/product/john-deere-tractor-cross-stitch-kit.aspx.

IIf you prefer a Massey Ferguson to a John Deere, have a look at our next design. It's a bright red Massey tractor, measuring 14.3" by 10.2" and has a bit of a plough theme (have a look behind the back wheel). Kids in particular love this design as it is so bright and colourful. Being one of our biggest designs, it costs £35.95 and comes with Zweigart aida (as do all of our kits) and 23 DMC threads presorted onto thread cards to help you with your organisation. Have a look at http://www.stitchtastic.com/product/massey-ferguson-tractor-cross-stitch-kit.aspx for more info.

Our final two tractors cover the other most popular tractor makes, Ford and Fiat. The Ford tractor design also shows a plough and is very bold in blue and yellow. It's another big design, measuring 14.1" by 10.7" and uses 25 colours, costing £35.95 for the kit. The FIat Agri 880 design measures 14.3" by 10.4" and uses slightly less colours (19). It costs £29.95 and can be found at http://www.stitchtastic.com/product/fiat-agri-880-tractor-cross-stitch-kit.aspx .
Lancaster Bomber Cross Stitch Kit 
Our oldest tractor design.

John Deere Tractor Cross Stitch Kit 
Big Green Tractor!

Massey Ferguson Tractor Cross Stitch Kit 
A very colourful design.

Ford Tractor With Plough Cross Stitch Kit 
Anyone for ploughing?

Fiat Agri 880 Tractor Cross Stitch Kit 
Fiat Agri 880.



Featured Artist - Patrick Scott

As you know from this and previous newsletters, Patrick usually sticks to the computer side of Stitchtastic, designing our online store from scratch and keeping the order system working and up to date. However, he has always wanted to try his hand at designing, as he enjoys stitching but likes to tackle unusual projects. Well, here at Stitchtastic we all like to try 'something different', so he is simply extending our theme.

Patrick gets his inspiration from technology, new and old. His first new design this month is a brilliant circuit board stitch, with a phrase to match. He says 'Working in IT, as I have done ever since leaving university, you constantly get asked by people to fix their computer, explain why it's not working, tell them how to clean the printer.....the list goes on. As much as I enjoy helping people, it can get slightly wearing when all people need to do is find the on / off switch! So I decided to create this ironic design with my experiences in mind.' The design comes with various phrases so that you can decide your own irony! The kit costs £29.95 and will measure 11.3" by 11.3". It only uses 9 DMC colours but is really detailed, with a real retro feel.

Patrick's second design is a fantastic mixture of our love to shop and our love of technology. Patrick says, 'Quite recently, we invested in bar codes for our products (most people don't realise you actually have to pay for barcodes!) and it got me thinking. Barcodes are such an everyday part of life, but have you ever thought about stitching one?'

The Shop Til You Drop barcode looks really effective and is a real bargain stitch, with the kit only costing £9.95. The stitching is all black and looks really cool when it is stitched. If you have a shopaholic daughter, niece granddaughter or you and your friends just love to shop, this is the perfect gift. It measures 12.6" by 3" and would look very striking on a bedroom wall, or maybe even a wardrobe door!

Have a look at http://www.stitchtastic.com/catalog/patrick-scott-designs.aspx for the full range of Patrick's designs.

Computer Sayings Cross Stitch Kit 
Very apt, believe me!.

Shop Till You Drop Barcode Cross Stitch Kit 
He doesn't really like to shop that much!.

Next Month

I can't guarantee it, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that next month we'll feature one of our other new artists. Don't quote me on that though.......

See you then!
Next Month is a wait and see!

Questions or comments? E-mail me at sarah@stitchtastic.com or call +44 (0) 114 2353958

Until next time

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