November 13

Christmas time....

It's time. I make no apologies for the fact that Christmas is here. Well, Christmas for stitchers anyway. We all know, don't we, that stitchers have to be super organised when it comes to Christmas. We have to start making our cards, organising any presents we want to make as early as we can so they can be bought, stitched and mounted / prepared in time for the big day. In fact, I know some people start the next lot of Christmas stitching in January! So the begininng of November really is time to be thinking about what to stitch for your nephew, your auntie, your brother or your mum. And we can also provide some special Christmas stitching too! As well as Christmas,we're starting to think about the Stitching trade show we attend in February, as that requires as much preparation as Christmas in our household! I talked about new designs in my last newsletter and I'm busy preparing tham for the trade show, but I'm afraid I've only got one to show you so far.Oh well, better than nothing.....!Christmas Cat Cross Stitch Kit

Just another little Christmas mention....

Sorry to repeat myself, but I wanted to give you another chance to have a look at our Christmas designs. They're part of our Designers range and have been designed by Kate Mawdsley - a well respected and popular designer who creates products for wrapping paper and other paper products in addition to cross stitch.
The designs feature our Harry & Friends characters and are SO cute - hope you like them as much as I do. Each kit costs £24.95, except the larger Pets in the Snow design which costs £29.95. Have a look at for more details.

Christmas Dog Cross Stitch Kit 
Merry Christmas!

Christmas Cat Cross Stitch Kit
It's defnintely time now..

Pets in the Snow Cross Stitch Kit 

Brand New

So, new designs. We are working on 3 new designs at the moment, to be part of our caricature range. They are all extensions of some of our most popular ranges within our caricatures, and we're looking forward to their reception by you and our trade suppliers!

I can reveal one of the new designs to you right now, and you're the very first people to see it. It's an addition to our popular range of all - our camper van range. The split screen campers are always the most popular and this one is in its natural environment - on the beach. With surfboards stored on the roof, this takes us all back to long, hot summer days on the sand. So why not stitch it for the surf dude in your family?

Coming soon, our other 2 new designs, additions to our popular aircraft and even more popular Eddie Stobart range. Stay tuned for these!

Beach camper Van Cross Stitch Kit 
Everybody's going surfing!

Next Time

I'm certain that next time I'll have the other two new designs to show you.....I think.....

See you then!
Next Time

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Until next time

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