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Welcome to our first newsletter of the Autumn. Did you enjoy the summer? Sorry, that's for our Northern Hemisphere readers, for those of you further south, you've got the lovely summer to come! We've had a pretty good time of it this year, haven't we? I hope it hasn't stopped all you avid stitchers, and you've simply taken your latest project into the garden. Very good for your eyes, stitching in the garden - lots of natural daylight. Just be careful if you're stitching any pictures of flowers - the bees often can't tell the difference!

Now, I'm afraid I do have to mention Christmas. I know, I know, but as I write this newsletter I am remembering several calls I've had this week from customers who are starting to stitch for Christmas, and I don't want any of you to miss out! I'm going to set you a challenge. I'd like you to stitch a present for someone for Christmas who you've never stitched for before. Make sure they will appreciate it (at the least, prepare them by telling them how dedicated you are to your stitching, how much you put into it etc) and hey presto - another converted stitching fan. Make sure you pass on our website address so that when you suggest that they try stitching you can suggest what you'd like them to stitch for you!

So, a little bit of Christmas propaganda, but then I'm going to remind you of some of our fab construction caricatures. Enjoy, and see you soon.

Sunflower Flower Cross Stitch Kit

Just a little Christmas mention....

2 sections here, then I promise no more mentions of that season. Firstly, have a look at our Christmas designs. They're part of our Designers range and have been designed by Kate Mawdsley - a well respected and popular designer who creates products for wrapping paper and other paper products in addition to cross stitch.
The designs feature our Harry & Friends characters and are SO cute - hope you like them as much as I do. Each kit costs £24.95, except the larger Pets in the Snow design which costs £29.95. Have a look at for more details.

Secondly, I mentioned above my challenge - who will you stitch for? If it's going to be a male friend or relative, why not find out (subtly) what their first car was, or maybe their first motorbike? If it was a Mini, you're sorted, as we have quite a few different designs. Have a look at for more info. Or maybe a Triumph motorbike? They're at .
Alternatively, why not find out what their dream car would be? An Aston Martin? A BMW? Or maybe a lovely Jaguar E-type? They're all at .

So, lots to choose from. If you find you're swamped with orders for stitching after this first offer, then get your family and friends stitching too - you never know, you could even start a little training session!

Christmas Dog Cross Stitch Kit 
Merry Christmas!

Christmas Cat Cross Stitch Kit
Sorry to spoil the end of summer....

Pets in the Snow Cross Stitch Kit 
But just think of all those lovely presents!

Mini Cross Stitch Kit 
Our simplest, easiest Mini design.

Triumph Bonneville 120R Cross Stitch Kit 
A lovely old Triumph bike - giving you any ideas?

Aston Martin DB5 Cross Stitch Kit 
Who'd like James Bond's Aston Martin for Christmas?

Jaguar E Type Roadster Cross Stitch Kit 
Or a fabulous E-type?


Build it up...

Our caricatures are one of our most popular ranges. Within the caricature range, we have some designs that are fairly niche (that means they appeal to small groups of people, who often love them more than words can say!) and some others that appeal to larger groups of people. Our construction caricatures definitely appeal to lots of people, if their sales are anything to go by! Lots of male relatives often ask for these to be stitched for them, although some of them do stitch them themselves!

Our most popular construction caricature is probably our Digger design. It's detailed and yet quite simple to stitch, as its colours are arranged in handy blocks. It has certainly brightened up the walls of many big and little boys alike! Have a look at for more info.

The Bulldozer design is also very popular and you can find it at . Hard at work moving earth, this design comes alive as you stitch it and is a great fun item, both to stitch and to display. It's a pretty large design, measuring 34.5cm by 26cm (14" by 10" roughly) so it's in our higher price bracket, costing £35.95 for the kit. Well worth it though.

Our dumper truck kit is is fantastic and unusual design. It uses 22 DMC colours and is a wonderful bright yellow colour - certainly would stand out on a little boy or girl's wall! More details can be found at 

Next comes a larger dumer truck, more like a lorry many would say. It's certainly more likely to be seen on the roads here in the UK. The Volvo Dumper truck is fully loaded and ready to be stitched, using 20 colours and measuring 35.5cm by 25cm (14" by 10"). It's at .

To build anything, you need cement. So here's our Cement mixer design in eye catching green and yellow. The unusual nature of our caricatures makes them very popular for those who like to stitch something different - many dip their toe in the water with one of our designs and then come back again and again! Have a look at to see our cement mixer in all its glory.

To complete the set, our most unusual design in the construction range - our Heavy Lift Crane. It's very striking, in yellow, red and a little bit of white, so you certainly can't miss it! It costs £29.95 and uses 17 DMC colours - have a look at for full details.

So, no excuse now to avoid our challenge of stitching for someone who you've never stitched for before, but if you're still struggling for ideas, vists our website at, for more more great ideas.

Digger Cross Stitch Kit 
Number one - Digger.

Bulldozer Cross Stitch Kit 
Number two - Bulldozer.

Dumper Truck Cross Stitch Kit 
Number three - Dumper number 1.

Volvo Dumper Truck Cross Stitch Kit 
Number four - Dumper number 2.

Cement Mixer Truck Cross Stitch Kit 
Number five - Cement Mixer.

Heavy Lift Crane Cross Stitch Kit 
Number six - Heavy Lift Crane. Finished!

Next Time

We might have some new designs to show off next time, at the beginning of November. Then again, we might not, they're certainly not ready yet!

See you then!
Next Time

Questions or comments? E-mail me at or call +44 (0) 114 3830333

Until next time

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