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Welcome to our newsletters! They're not very frequent but they're packed full of useful information and fun stitching facts. Happy reading!
Welcome! Hi to all our lovely stitchers and readers, it's great to have you with us once again. And if you're a newbie, it's lovely to be talking to you! You're receiving our newsletter as you've bought something from us, you've signed up to our mailing list, or you've come across us online. Well, you're all very welcome and I hope you enjoy reading about our unique designs and what we're up to at the moment. Enjoy the read, then get back to your stitching quick, you've no time to lose!
It's funny, I spend most of my newsletters apologising for mentioning Christmas too early and now it's gone! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, ate lots of turkey (or whatever is your favourite Christmassy food!), spent some quality time with those you love, or maybe with the stitching you love! Everyone has a different time at Christmas, and I know it's not everyone's favourite time of year, so I hope that you all managed to squeeze in a bit of stitching no matter what else you got up to. I know that some of our friends around the the world have been snowed in / flooded already, so I hope that you haven't been badly affected by the winter weather and that you have kept warm working your needle!
It's time. I make no apologies for the fact that Christmas is here. Well, Christmas for stitchers anyway. We all know, don't we, that stitchers have to be super organised when it comes to Christmas. We have to start making our cards, organising any presents we want to make as early as we can so they can be bought, stitched and mounted / prepared in time for the big day. In fact, I know some people start the next lot of Christmas stitching in January!
Welcome to our first newsletter of the Autumn. Did you enjoy the summer? Sorry, that's for our Northern Hemisphere readers, for those of you further south, you've got the lovely summer to come! We've had a pretty good time of it this year, haven't we? I hope it hasn't stopped all you avid stitchers, and you've simply taken your latest project into the garden. Very good for your eyes, stitching in the garden - lots of natural daylight. Just be careful if you're stitching any pictures of flowers - the bees often can't tell the difference!
Good grief - it's July! I'm sorry, I know I put a ban on talking about how quickly the year is going, but I couldn't help it - how is it already July? Anyway, in the UK we've had a little bit of sunshine, I hope those of you around the world have had some nice weather - even those of you down under where your winter is usually better than our summer!
Hi to all our readers, new and old. If you're enjoying your cross stitch at the moment, then make sure you e-mail and tell me about it! I'd love to feature some of your work in future editions of the newsletter, as it's great for you and shows me what fantastic stitchers you are!
Welcome to our first newsletter of the Spring - I hope as you sit reading this the sun is shining and it isn't snowing! Apologies to those non-UK readers who are experiencing different seasons at the moment, especially those in Australia, who are probably looking forward to the Autumn right now. Whatever the weather, we can always find an excuse to stitch,can't we? Perhaps a quick look at our John Deere tractor design will start you urge to stitch - here in the UK there'll be a lot more of them on the roads as the weather warms up....sorry car drivers!
Welcome to 2013! Another year gone by, as usual it has gone incredibly quickly and we're here again, wondering what 2013 will bring. We're hoping it will bring lots of new people into stitching, as an inexpensive hobby that produces beautiful gifts that are satisfying to complete and greatly appreciated by their recipients. If you have a family member who hasn't had the chance yet to appreciate your stitching, perhaps this year it's time to find something to stitch for them. I hope we can provide that idea for you, have a look through the newsletter for some inspired ideas for this coming year.
In the last newsletter, I dared to mention Christmas. Stitchers are usually very organised for Christmas, as we all know, because if you want to prepare a gorgeous personalised stitched present for friends or family, you need to start early. However, never fear, it's not too late to stitch for Christmas. It just depends on how big you want to go! If you're a pretty fast stitcher, you'll still have time to get through our very popular 'Pets in the Snow' design, which is always a festive bestseller. Or you might want to squeeze in Dad's favourite motorbike - we have several hundred motorbike designs - or his first ever car. Have a look through this newsletter for some Christmas gift ideas that you can stitch in a few weeks.
Sorry. I really am sorry that I have to mention Christmas already. For those readers in the UK, we don't seem to have started summer yet (maybe it's bypassed us altogether!) and we are talking about Christmas. Well, that's what comes of being a stitcher. In fact, working in the stitching industry means that you have to think about Christmas ridiculously early. I hadn't even been on my summer holidays when I designed the brand new additions to our Christmas range, more brilliant designs from Kate Mawdsley, perfectly suited to all stitching abilities. Have a look below at the new designs, I'm sure you'll love them.

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