Finding a Great Place to Stitch

Finding a great place to stitch depends on many factors, the most important one must be how much time each day you can find to stitch. Then you need to think about whether you stitch sitting down or standing at a frame, are you a television addict glued to various soaps, stitching whilst you watch, do you enjoy a quiet atmosphere or are you a fan of background music whilst you sew? Are you an occasional stitcher or do you like to spend as much time as possible stealing time away from other things to cross stitch? The list is endless and obviously a personal choice.

Ideally, a dedicated sewing room would be superb. A place where your materials and threads as well as craft magazines can be stored or left out safely and whenever you have time to spare everything is ready and waiting for you. A music player could also probably be accommodated to enable you to listen to the crooner of your choice whilst you spend relaxing time undertaking a bit more work on your latest piece. What a dream! Lighting is also a main requirement for successful cross stitching and you should ensure that your sewing room is well equipped to cater for those long dark winter nights with daylight lighting.

One ideal spot in which to stitch is by a window where you can make use of natural light Make sure there is sufficient space to cater for all the bits and bobs required to complete the piece you are currently working on. If you prefer to sit whilst you stitch, a comfortable chair with good support is a necessity.

Stitchers who prefer to stand at a frame need adequate room in which to erect their frame and leave it permanently on show. If it needs to be dismantled after each stitching session, precious time is wasted which could be utilised sewing. Of course, a standing stitcher needs a nice place to take a coffee or tea break so, once again, a comfortable chair is necessary.

Other stitchers are perfectly content sitting in their favourite armchair with all their stitching paraphenalia surrounding them whilst watching television in company with their family. Remember to cover your stitching and put needles safely away if your stitching session is interrupted as you don't want a young child or an inquisitive partner to spill something on your work.

Several cross stitchers take their current piece of work with them each time they go out and some busy stitchers find their ideal place to stitch is on the bus or train whilst travelling to and from work as there are no domestic distractions here. During your lunch break is also one of the nicest times to stitch as the relaxing mini sewing session will ready you for whatever the afternoon at work brings. Time spent visiting friends might a stitching opportunity not to be missed, as long as they don't mind you multitasking!

If you belong to a craft group or attend a class for cross stitching this, too, would be an ideal place to continue your latest masterpiece in company with fellow stitchers. If you are working on a particularly complicated piece of cross stitch, encouragement from contemporaries is invaluable when you have moments of discontent.

Another great place to carry on with your cross stitch is in the car. Let your partner do the driving, you take a back seat and enjoy the journey stitching from your home until you arrive at your destination. How many cross stitches between say London and Manchester? Also, if you are busily stitching away in the back of the car you will probably be less likely to complain about your partner's use of the clutch!

Occasionally in England there is a strange yellow object high in the sky - yes, British summertime! As the summers seem to be wetter each year, what could be nicer on those rare warm days than taking your stitching outside into the garden to do - most enjoyable and relaxing especially if you are lucky enough to possess a comfortable garden swinging couch. Your favourite hobby in one hand and a nice, long cool drink in the other. An opportunity not to be missed.

As long as you enjoy your cross stitching and find it relaxing, you will find there are lots of great places to stitch in.