What to do with those UFOs - Unfinished Designs

Once you are "hooked" on cross stitching and have accomplished several beautiful pieces of work, occasionally, you tire of a project you are working on and just can't get motivated to finish it. Don't get too despondent and just throw the unfinished piece in the back of a cupboard and totally forget all about it.

Take a break from your stitching, visit friends, go for walks in the country, try things totally different from your normal routine and after a little rest commence your UFO. Perhaps complete a smaller, easier design first, something relatively relaxing and easy, and hopefully then you will be ready to pick up your UFO once again.

Do you have a friend who is also a cross stitcher? If so, invite him or her for coffee asking them to bring their UFOs along with them. Show them your unfinished piece and set each other a challenge - last one to finish brings the cakes next time! If you do not personally know of another cross stitcher, there are several clubs, details of which are to be found on the internet and, possibly, your local craft shop might know of a group near enough for you to join. Again, fellow cross stitchers will understand how you feel and do their best to help you to rekindle your interest in the unfinished work.

There are some organisations to be found on the internet and these encourage members to set aside a certain amount of time to devote to cross stitching. Weekends are usually the best time for these cross stitching sessions as you do not have to worry about going to work, taking the children to and from school, etc. and finding an occasional weekend to dedicate to cross stitching will be achievable. During these sessions, members are encouraged to post pictures of their work on the internet and this is another method you could try motivate you to complete any unfinished pieces.

If you wish to recoup some of your expenses, you can, of course, sell any unfinished articles. There is quite a market for unfinished cross stitch work - there is always ebay! You will also find other sites on the internet interested in purchasing unfinished cross stitch pieces and you could also try the old fashioned method of placing a postcard with details of the work concerned on the notice board in your local craft shop or supermarket.

You might have come to the decision that you can longer perform cross stitching in which case, an ideal solution would be for you to donate not only the unfinished pieces but all the sewing materials associated with cross stitching to either your local school or day centre. Schools are always appreciative of any forms of donations and craft items are always welcome. Day Centres sometimes encourage the elderly to learn to cross stitch as it is both relaxing and an enjoyable way to pass time. They, too, would really appreciate not just unfinished pieces but any sewing materials you no longer use.

These are just a few examples of what to do with your unfinished cross stitch pieces but hopefully after talking to other cross stitchers, your interest will be motivated and you will continue producing other pieces which could eventually become beautiful family heirlooms. It is surprising how a little encouragement from another cross stitcher will help to restore your interest in your own work.