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All the time we have been running this website, we have been collecting lots of useful info on cross stitching and needlework, so we have decided to put it all up here so everyone can benefit. You will find all sorts of things on here from conversion charts to tips for left handed stitchers!
There are all sorts of tips available to enhance the speed and quality of your cross stitching and some of these are listed below: If possible, always keep your current piece of cross stitch available
New to cross stitch? Don't worry, below you will find an easy guide to following a cross stitch chart which will enable you to complete a beautiful piece of work.When choosing your first piece of
When you go shopping for DMC threads, do you always end up with a list on a scrap of paper? This is what I always used to do until I got fed up with losing it or getting the wrong colour or quantity of threads.